Field with green maize plants dream meanings

Short meaning: the dreams about field with green maize plants can mark amenity, fervor and rapprochement.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung explanation this dream about field with green maize plants denotes free air, fertile sexuality, resourcefulness and gift.
Reassuring renewings are about to become true in life when: field with green maize plants - This dream sign signals the state of being superior to all others in authority, power, or status. You are a trailblazer. Notwithstanding, if your dream has left bad feeling then this dream might denote upside down context: a person of great significance may be fraudulent or insecure in regard to your character.
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  • Field - well and prosper, this denotes that you will win property and respect from the people, because you make clothes from flex; Wealth if lotus field – In the dream you unusually planted with lotus the field, you will attain according to the size of lotus, the great wealth; Worries if lupine field – The lupine field displays worries and troubles. Award if see plowed – In the dream you see plowed fields signify that your work and efforts will be awarded; Love if see green or flowering – This dream will bring you luck in love; Proposal if cultivating or... (read more)
  • Oak (tree) - stability to the native soil.  Oak symbolizes success, force, power, influence and stable health. It stands firmly on the ground, rooted in the origins of our own existence. Also the need for protection and help is also expressed in it. Some psychoanalysts state that Oaks in the dream of women could be unsatisfied to a certain point. Maturity – The oak as a tree of life may indicate the maturity of our soul, which effects a strength of the own position in the waking life. According to the accompanying circumstances one can recognize the following special interpretation: Oak with powerful, green leafy crown... (read more)
  • Tree - life. All these trees are probably the archetype of Germanic world – eternal green Ash tree, Yggdrasil. This evergreen tree spreads its branches as wings, protectively over Heaven and Earth, and on its top sits the Eagle, who observes the world, and a Hawk which makes the weather. Personality and inner life of human – A tree is the symbol of the original structure of the human inner life. If a tree emerges in the dream, you will deal wisely with this image in details. Tree is closely related to personality and the way to master with life. In particular, it can often draw... (read more)
  • Leaf - is not so positive dream symbol which announces disappointment, sickness and suffering, misfortune in near future; Difficult time if colorful but withered leaves – Such a dream denotes that you will have disappointment in love, defeats, losses or even death of a friend. Hindu (Hinduism) Happy time if see green leaf – The green leaves in the dream is a positive sign which will bring you a satisfaction and fulfillment of your desires; Save prosperity if fading leaves – The fading leaves as a dream symbol marks that in later life you want to live without worry, so you have... (read more)
  • Branches - enough courage and strength to realize them. Burnt branches signifies that you put a futile effort to reach or to make something, this will not bring you any success. Psychological Meanings: The thin branch and it is green and flourishing in the dream, then this indicates wish-fulfillment, step by step every desire will fulfill. The thin branches with small leaves, then this dream will bring you a favorable changes in your life. Spiritual Meanings: The branch as a gift for a winner or a ruler, this indicates the desire for immortality. Traditional Meanings: Arabian (Islamic) Happiness and success if green... (read more)
  • Wheat - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Earnings if dream of wheat – Dreaming of wheat in general indicates that you will get money through your work; Good partner if stalks of wheat – The dream denotes that you will have a devoted, happy & affectionate spouse; Reward if growing wheat – Wheat are growing in the dream, then the dreamer has to work hard and the reward will turn out equally good; Good prospects if large wheat – Dreaming of very large wheat’s field, then this announces positive outlook for the diverse interests; Good time if small field of wheat – The dream... (read more)
  • Village green - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Richness if dream village green – This dream announces happy prospect of future wealth, because you have deserved this Work harder if see poor village green – This dream indicates that you do not put all your efforts in order to create better life.... (read more)
  • Plain (planar surfaces) - happy circumstances and she will meet love of life; Loneliness if young woman cross a dried plain – The plain grass is dried, then the woman will have discomfort and loneliness. Hindu (Hinduism) Success if see plain – The dream shows that your luck will be combined on firm footing. Arabian (Islamic) Worries if see endless planar surface – When in the dream you see endless planar surface then this is a sign of a bleak future with lots of worries; Happy life if plain is green and flowery – To dream of plain which is green and flowery stands as a... (read more)
  • Mow - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Prospects if ripe corn – You are mowing or see a mow of ripe corns, means that your prospects are good; Inconvenient love if green grass – This dream is a warning that you have to beware of a mismatched love affair; Worries if dry grass – in the dream you are mowing dry grass, this dream announces about a failure in business or at work, but you will overcome them because of your hard work and strong faith. Arabian (Islamic) Productive future if mowing a field – In the dream you see yourself mowing... (read more)
  • Conservatory (greenhouse) - General Meanings: Do not be so open Dreaming of conservatory (greenhouse) may indicate that you have something to hide and do not be too open, because now you are very open and frank. You have to be more secretive and not to talk about everything about your life. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Do not talk if see conservatory – In the dream you see a conservatory then this show that you have to keep something for yourself, do not be so talkative. * Please, look into dream meaning of garden and buildings.... (read more)
  • Traffic light - green light turned on, then this is a sign that you have chosen the right path in your life; Warning if flashing light – The flashing light is a warning signal that you have to be attentive with all your decision; Improve your life if turn off traffic light – You or someone else turn off the traffic light, this symbol announces that the danger is over. Now it is time to make improvements with current situation; Luck if see without light – Very positive dream symbol which announces secret love, happiness and joy; Love if flashing red light – The red and bright... (read more)
  • Prune (pruning of plants) - Association: Elimination of old growth. Question: What is the old stuff do I want to eliminate? General Meanings: New start The dream of pruning of plans indicates that it is time for you to get rid of everything what is old and unpleasant to you. You have to prepare for the new phase of life.... (read more)
  • Growth (plants) - Medicine Wheel Meanings: Keywords Change, development, unfolding, bloom, maturing, enrich, gradually widening, deepening harvest evolution. Description Growth is increase in size, experience or maturity. The growth in the medicine wheel is connected with the external position of the southern soul path. This symbol also includes the mineral fluorite, the comfrey plant, the animal rabbit and the color violet General Meaning Change, expansion, maturation. Association Growths. Transcendent Meaning Gift of readiness that will allow to enter new universal knowledge to you.... (read more)
  • Cotton - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Good time if see fresh, thriving cotton fields – The fields of cotton in the dream then this announces good business and prosperous times; prosperity if see plucked cotton fields – The dream has a positive meaning because for the dreamer this promises prosperity and wealth; Good time if dream of cotton – The cotton in the dream promises you wonderful time in your life also positive changes are in prospect; health if work in the fields of cotton – The process when the dreamer works in the cotton fields denotes that you have to take care of your... (read more)
  • Acorns - New start Also the dream of an acorn, represents you as a confident, strong and dexterous person. This dream represents the beginning of actions you will take and you will make big and advantageous results. Spiritual Meanings: Acorns symbolize life, fertility and immortality. They also stand for the androgynous. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Good life if see green, with branch acorn – In your dream you see green with branch acorn in serious advertising for the dreamer, this dream will bring you honor of old people, nice things and great profits; Hard work if search for acorns – To search for acorns... (read more)
  • Shrub - General Meanings: The dream of bush stands for secrets because we can hide them from the environment. The bush may be like the tree. There are some interpretations: The green bush in the dream announces an upcoming happy event, which will give you an ability to start normal and wonderful life. The bush withered and bare, indicates that you are in conflict with your feelings which will bring you failure and boredom. Psychological Meanings: Shrub as a dream symbol stands for the questions: do you have something to hide behind it? Do you want to protect yourself or others?... (read more)
  • Dried - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Journey if see dried plants – You dream of dried plants, deserts or dried places,so the trip to a hot country is imminent to you. Hindu (Hinduism) Wasting time if dried field – The dream of dried field may be a sign that you are wasting your efforts because there is no any ability to have benefit from what you do. Arabian (Islamic) Need rest if dried tree – The dream dried tree as a dream symbol stands for tiredness and the need of rest.... (read more)
  • Fertilizer - may expect to make profitable decisions; Illness if stand on fertilizer – This dream may be a warning that you have to be attentive and to take care of your health because the disease in near you; Good results if fertilize something – In the dream you fertilize something then you will get very good results with a company or at work; Success if spread on manure in the field – This dream announces happiness and blessings you will reach your desires and aims; Wealth if manure pit – When you see manure pit in your dream, then this dream will bring prosperity. Dishonesty if see soil... (read more)
  • Ear (botany) - – In the dream you see corn field this signifies that you will be blessed with earthly goods; Maturity if waving wheat field –  This is a symbol of the maturity of the life’s work and the fulfillment of the desires; Marriage if see (for a woman) – For a woman to see ears in the dream is a sign that she will  marry a foreigner. Hindu (Hinduism) Success if see yourself – This dream is a good sign that your project will succeed; Luck if collect – Now you can consider do you want to be successful, because what... (read more)
  • Bean - General Meanings: Fear To dream of beans stocks, this reflects fear to fail, shows lack of confidence and perseverance. Clear aims of the future To plant beans – this dream symbol is an indication of confidence about your own future and the desire to create something useful. Beans are a warning against too materialistic thinking. ( they cause the full belly swells outwards) Sexual desire How all germinating plants this also is interpreted as a symbol for the feminine genital organ. Beans can stand for sexual needs (testicle symbol), particularly if they germinate. Traditionally, the bean is considered as... (read more)
  • Birch - General Meanings: The dream of birch with tall, straight trunk stands as a symbol of honesty, virtue and true love. Very often this symbol is associated with spring and awakening life. The birch may bring you romantic feelings, natural life or may embody new hope. Always the dream of birch is interpreted favorably, but you should consider other symbols in the dream and your real life situation. The dream of birch with green leaves announces you happy event. Climb up the trunk of a birch in the dream indicates that you have a protection from above, so you may... (read more)
  • Band - A colorful band has something to do with the band, which unites man and woman. – White and blue ribbons indicate yearning for true love, green for hope, joy, and red on black indicate impending bereavement. – Red tape is a traditional symbol of loyalty. Maybe you have “flirted” with someone in a dream and now bears the binding requirements. – Any cut or scruffy bands are seen as a symbol of an impending separation. – There are many other relationships in which the bands can appear in dreams, they can only be perceived individually. Psychologically: We must take it... (read more)
  • Forest - one’s life in order to find a new direction. The green forest is to announce happiness and success, the bald misfortune and sorrow.The edge of the forest indicates that you find out from an awkward situation again, sometimes he also points to an upcoming separation. Psychologically: The forest is a dream symbol of the unconscious. Finds the dream action take place in a forest, this is mostly a picture of archetypal patterns of the collective unconscious.Frequently, these are to behavioral patterns that are known from fairy tales, myths and legends.The forest is synonymous with mysterious, adventurous and demonic, that our... (read more)
  • Boxwood - Traditional Meanings: Arabian (Islamic) Long life if see green boxwood – In your dream you see green boxwood then this announces you longevity if you live healthy life; No progress if dried up green boxwood – The dried green boxwood in the dream announces that you will not any progress and satisfaction.... (read more)
  • Petrifaction (wood) - Medicine Wheel Meanings: Keywords Conservation; Detail; Manifold; Messenger; Perseverance; Understanding the cycle of the Earth; Stability; Connection; Bridging. Description The petrifying to wood is the totem mineral of the turtle clan which is connected with the Earth in the inner circle of the medicine wheel. The petrifaction of the wood starts when its structure is affected by dramatic changes in the earth. The petrifaction are available in many colors because they became stones from the plants. General Meaning Investigation of your connection with plants and mineral resources. Exploring ancient knowledge. Association A fossilized heart. Transcendent Meaning The ability to connect yourself... (read more)
  • Water - ...resolution; Emotions and feelings;  Wetness and liquidness; Thirstiness; Aquarius. Question: How do I feel? What do I feel? Generally: Water is in the interpretation of dreams usually understood as a symbol of emotional and feminine aspects. Water is a mysterious substance, it can flow over and around things. Whatever stands in its way, water can destroy it. The potential of the dreamer and his ability to create out of his own inner need a new life, can be symbolized by water. Water is an ancient symbol that embodies the general’s soul life with the conscious and subconscious contents. The individual meaning of... (read more)
  • Islamic Water - ...(2) Will deal with a great personality. • Irrigating a garden or flowers: Will have sex with a lady. • Taking water to irrigate a garden or a plow field: Will obtain money from a woman. If the flowers blossom or the plants grow, the said woman will give money and children to the dreamer. • A woman giving people water to drink: She is spreading lies. • Giving water to someone without charging a price: The dreamer is a benefactor and might help build a village. • A physically strong person in the water: The king or dreamer’s chief... (read more)
  • Thistle - General Meanings: Thistles as a dream symbol points to something unpleasant in life. A thistle field symbolizes a difficult path that the dreamer has in front of him. A single thistle in the dream indicates some difficulties in near future. Thistle as a troublesome weed in the dream announces a failure or similar problems in your life which ones you get by your own fault. Thistle stick on you in the dream, the unconscious makes your attention about well hidden envy, jealousy that are near to you. To sow or to pour thistles in the dream, this means that you will... (read more)
  • Threshing - General Meanings: Huge worries The threshing in the dream is the sign that the dreamer urgently has to learn how to separate wheat from the chaff (the main things from the inessential). Otherwise he will soon get bogged down into big problems. Also all irresponsible and fast actions should be avoided. Psychological Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Unpleasant people if see threshing – In the dream you see threshing then this dream denotes that that you  will have to deal with unpleasant people; Stopped work if thresh yourself – In the dream you thresh in the fields then this dream marks that you... (read more)
  • Fire - ...person, activity, or cause; Welfare If dreaming sailors and travelers – bring continued prosperity; Safety and Accomplishment If Seeing big fire – dreaming of big fire, means a convenient and safe journey for sailors & travelers and success with awards for writers and unlimited business success; Disclosure and Wellness If Seeing signs of fire – this points to revelations of a sin or a secret and the healing of a sick person; Friendship If Seeing in the open field or igniting in field – announces that dreamer will have a beautiful friendship; Pleasure and Love If Igniting fire – this dream shows that  a lot... (read more)
  • Go away (travel) - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Pleasure if go away – In the dream you go away somewhere, this stands for profits, as well as for upcoming pleasure; Enemies if traveling in fields – You are traveling by unknown rough fields, this dream points to dangerous enemies and perhaps illnesses; Happiness if see beautiful view – While you are traveling you see green, fertile hills or mountains, indicates that you will be more prosperous and happy person in the future; Journey if go away alone – You travel alone in the car, this predicts an interesting but possibly dangerous journey; Adventures... (read more)