Pregnant cat dream meanings

Short meaning: in a dream about pregnant cat can say pleasure, heart and agreement.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Freud's explanation the dream about pregnant cat connotes self-governing ardor, soft sexual drive or interest, artfulness and effectiveness.
Affirmative conversions are happening only: pregnant cat - This often presages the favorable benefit. You are a visionary person. Under other conditions, if it was bad dream then this dream can adumbrate contra essence: an unknown person might be sneaky and/or misleading in regard to your character.
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  • Cats - the effort he will have to put, if he wants to be the leader and/or the best amongst the others; Look after yourself if you are pregnant and dream of cats – such dream symbolizes, that you should give more time for yourself and the baby you are carrying; Hindu (Hinduism) The cats in the dreams warns the dreamers to be aware of the bad people. Could get robbed if dream of cat that scratched or bitten you – the dream foretells to protect everything that belongs to you and try to avoid the danger. Arabian (Islamic) Generally the cat... (read more)
  • Rabbit - to you harm; Also: things will be difficult, but a homely or professional change will help to you to make things right; – To breed rabbits: you will reach old age; – If rabbits are hopping around: there is a change for the better live; Also: you will recognize advantage more clearly; – To see playing rabbits or play with them: you will have much joy with children; – To catch: bring an acquaintance with a much younger person; – To eat rabbit (meat as food): well-being; – To kill: loss by fraud; – If you see killed rabbit... (read more)
  • Coffin - ...European (Judeo-Christian) Buried past if seeing – This dream shows that your inner world says goodbye to the past. The new intentions can be realized when the old are buried; Worries if a farmer is dreaming a coffin – This dream signifies that the harvest will be destroyed and cattle will get ill; Debts if dreaming a businessman – Then he/she will have a pile of debts; Hurt if dreaming young person – This is a bad omen, means that you will lose your loved one and announces bad relations which will damage your feelings very deeply; Overcoming problems if seeing empty... (read more)