Red brick house dream meanings

Short meaning: a dream of red brick house can augur pleasure, tenderness and association.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By S. Freud and C. Jung understanding of this dream about red brick house symbolizes unaided substance, tender eroticism, imaginativeness and gravity.
Enthusiastic revisions are around only when: red brick house - Symbol of a dream generally signs superiority and being a visionary person. On the other hand, if the dream was more like nightmare then your dream might promise backwards message: a person of authority might be indirect and/or chancy in relation to your personage.
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  • Bricks - Association: TheĀ strength. Question: What do I want to build as permanent structure? General Meanings: Secure life Brick is a building block for a secure livelihood. The ancient Indian dream book explains that to brick up walls means, that you have to be more careful with money spending. Roof tiles stands for safety and you can feel safe. Psychological Meanings: Creation of life A house is built of bricks and covered with a roof. This dream symbol may have an association with our body. In the dream you build something with bricks then this means that you will have personal... (read more)