Wind storm dream meanings

Short meaning: dreaming of wind storm can touch on satisfaction, love and friendship.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Jung's interpretation this dream about wind storm omens self-sufficient courage, female sensuality, accomplishment and strength.
Constructive metamorphosis are going on if: wind storm - This symbol of dream often indicates primacy and being one step ahead. Even so, if it was bad dream then this dream should signal contra significance: a person of authority may be slick and chancy in regard to you.
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  • Wind - Association: – Excitation & sensorial over stimulation. Question: – Where in my life I am looking for suggestions? Where do I feel overwhelmed? In general: Wind is a dream symbol of intellect. The interpretation of dreams depends primarily on the strength of the wind. Dreaming of sunny day with a gentle breeze suggests ease and pleasure. New idea or a plan stimulating this kind of dreaming activity. A storm could stand for a principle for which the dreamer feels passionate, while a north wind is perhaps the threat to his safety. Wind embodies spiritual and psychological forces – affect... (read more)
  • Sea - Denise Lynn (short): Short interpretation of the sea in dreams by Denise Lynn The dream of the sea as the life of the sea represents the unlimited power of intuition. The meaning of the sea in the dream depends on the water conditions: Quiet, calm sea demonstrates the tremendous inner strength, as well as the emotional and spiritual balance; Turbulent, restless sea requires you to have a great courage on a journey to the calm waters through the emotional storm. Denise Lynn (detailed): Detailed interpretation of the sea in dreams by Denise Lynn The sea symbolizes life, your subconscious... (read more)
  • Rain - ...means sorrow and distress for its dwellers, or it could mean the loss of a beloved…. (Rain) Dream of being wet from rain symbolizes fertility and renewal of your strengths and vitality…. (Rain) To dream that the rain is leaking in your room symbolizes that you yearn for love affairs…. (Rain) A soft rain without storming ; profit and gain to the dreamer, if an agriculturist ; damage, loss and suspension of business should he be a mechanic, trader or capitalist in a city…. (Rain) A strong and long rain, accompanied by thunder, wind, tempest, hail or lightning ; affliction,... (read more)
  • Whirlwind & Whirlpool - ...and call the dreamer into awareness of the power which he dwells. The whirlwind symbolizes spiritual power and the whirlpool has a more emotional energy. Psychologically: The dreamer may know that he has his life in his hand. But it comes before him as if he was caught in an endless circle of activities. This may seem counterproductive, but carries an immense energy. Spiritually: On the spiritual level whirlwind or whirlpool is a symbol of creativity. Traditionally: European – Dreaming of whirlwind or whirlpool: unfavorable fate will be revealed. * Please, see also meaning of tornado, storm or hurricane…... (read more)
  • Boat - Association: Journey above the depths of emotions. Question: What emotional depths can I navigate safely? General Meanings: Ship of life Generally boat brings to light, how you draw the “ship of life” due to the personality structure, the course you hold and how you deal with shoals, and storms. The individual meaning arises, first of all, from that what you experienced with the boat in the dream. The following accompanying circumstances can often help with the exact interpretation: A boat points to approaching changes in life whose way out seems a little bit insecure. It should bring us safety on the... (read more)
  • Weather - General Meanings: Weather as part of the environment usually shows the mood and emotional state of the dreamer. Weather is the emotional “weather”, this shows the prevailing mood. The following weather conditions are often recognized as: Sunshine stands for optimism, arising from energy and confidence. Clouds symbolize pessimism, anxiety, depression (especially when dark clouds). Tearing clouds announces a difficult situation, but with a little hope, the end is in sight and will be less bad than feared. Rain marks repressed emotions that are coming from internal voltage, which can also lead to flooding. Storm or strong wind announce different... (read more)
  • Clouds - Association: – Transition & confusion: sometimes bright and sometimes dark. Question: – Through what do I experience? General Meanings: Expression of feelings – Clouds in a dream can have two meanings, they depend on the dream circumstances. They perhaps point to edification or religious feelings or show that the dreamer feels overshadowed of a person or an object. Maybe clouds in a dream are a warning of possible troubles or dangers. Firstly, all storm clouds can expect setbacks that can destroy the livelihoods. Secondly, fleecy clouds promise joy, delight and pleasure. Spiritual Meanings: Divinity – It is said that... (read more)
  • Hurricane - ...the way, and therefore provides a clear new beginning. Spiritually: The previous violations of the dreamer in the spirituality make him seem a powerless. Nevertheless, there is in the center of the storm calm and peace. Traditionally: European – To see hurricane: an unfavorable sign for both business and domestic life; – Also dreaming of hurricane: one must be very careful in his actions; – Also see hurricane in dream: beware of dangerous messages; – To bein one: dreamer is confronted with a change to a disaster threatening to overwhelm and grief; – If a young woman trapped in a... (read more)