Abstainer dream meanings

General Meanings:

Desire for mental and spiritual self-realization Abstinence is the form of self-control, suppression of needs and abandonment of proclivities and desires, especially from physical desires. This means that the dreamer takes care of and seeks for a higher degree of mental and spiritual self-realization and would like to remain faithful to his principles. The dream in which one rejects a drink is a good sign of coming happiness and that will not be permanent.

Psychological Meanings:

Strict morality and strong personality In the dream abstainers often stand for a very strict morality and rigid observance of standards and rules which restrict the life too strongly. You think spontaneity and suggestions impede or prevent to reach the goals, but you have to release them.

Fear to cross the line Also abstainers has perhaps specifically pointed out, that one should not use stimulants such abundance. The abstainers may also specifically indicates that the semi-luxury drinks and tobacco   should not be used so plentifully. Sometimes the symbol indicates the unconscious fear to cross the line and you would no longer be accepted by others and the society.

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