Apple dream meanings

General Meanings:

Apple is an ambiguous symbol which is found in myths and religions (for example, eviction from the paradise in the Bible).

Symbol of temptation Generally, it is interpreted as a corruptibility of the dreamer by worldly material things and then can warn how easily he allows to lead into temptation. In the old testament the apple stands as a ” forbidden fruit ” which can reveal what is good and what is bad. In the original text of the Bible it is spoken only about “fruit”.

Fertility For the Mediterranean people the pomegranate, the fig and the quince are the forbidden fruits. The apple is an ancient fertility symbol. The vision of the apple can represent fertility, love and temptation.

Psychological Meanings:

Eating an apple, points to the wish to acquire knowledge.

Erotic and sexual meaning In the psychoanalysis the apple is considered as a typical sexual symbol, because its form is very similar to the feminine breast. In the dreams of younger people the apple often has an erotic meaning;

Intelligence The interpretation of an apple is important whether the apple is ripe or is unripe. The dreams of apples for older people can also stand as a sign of intellectual fruitfulness.

Spiritual Meanings:

Beauty and Fertility The apple blossom is a Chinese symbol of peace and beauty. On a spiritual level an apple indicates a new beginning. Since ancient times it is a symbol of fertility and therefore attribute for many gods.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Satisfaction if see a beautiful leafy – In the dream you see a beautiful leafy apple tree, this brings you fulfillment of your wishes, expectations;
  • News if apple tree blooming in a dream – The dream denotes about impending good news that is relevant for all your life;
  • Earnings if apple tree before the harvest – In the dream you see a lot of apple trees before harvest, brilliant progress in business or at work which announces good income;
  • Friends if plenty apples – You see lots of apples on the tree in your dream means that you will have a lot of good friends;
  • Realize plans if see ripe apples on the tree – This dream of ripe apples says that it is time for you to turn the plans into action;
  • Warning if ripe apple – When you see ripe apples high in the treetops in the dream, this is a warning that your have too high aims, which you will not achieve;
  • Prosperity if pick apples in a dream – You will start picking your work fruits, means that you will be prosperous person;
  • Good sign if red apples with green leaves on a tree – This dream of red apples is a good omen, that you did everything perfectly and now you have a harvest of your hard work;
  • Happy love if eat a nice red apple – When you are eating a red apple in a dream, announces a gratifying and happy love affair. For single ones, it means a new partner and marriage, new feelings of happiness in the love;
  • Happiness if eat from the bowl – In the dream you take an apple from the bowl and eat is, this promises long life, luck and success, happy marriage in your life;
  • Worries if bite a sour one – The apple was sour in your dream, signifies that you must deal nearer with an unpleasant things;
  • Love pain if see or eat wormy apple – The wormy apple in a dream announces love problems, separation, grief and sorrow in your life;
  • Gratitude if give to someone an apple – When you give an apple in a dream, notices that you will be gladdened by gratitude;
  • New love if give to a woman – In the dream you give apples to the woman, means that you will meet your love;
  • False friend if lying an apple on the floor in a dream – This vision points to false and bad friends in the neighborhood or in your surrounding;
  • Worries if immature or rotten – The apple is rotten in your dream, this is a warning that bad news, anger, annoyance and danger is approaching against you;
  • Self-knowledge if golden apple – In the dream you see a golden apple, signifies that will gain self-knowledge.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Success if pick from the tree – You are dreaming that you are picking announces success and joy of life, and you will succeed in everything what you do;
  • Love if eat an apple - This dream says that you will receive love and it is sign for luck in love;
  • Disappointment if peel an apple – When you peel an apple in a dream, this denotes that you are disappointed of your hope and expectation, but your courage will help you to handle with all the problems. You will reach what you desire;
  • Reconciliation if get – In the dream you get an apple from somebody marks that you will try to make peace with your enemies;
  • Wants to use you if give away – When you give away all your apples in a dream, this says that you are too compliant and someone wants to take advantage of you;
  • Divorce if divide – In the dream you divide the apple into two parts announces that you will have to leave a loved person;
  • More respect if rotten apple in a dream – Do not get angry about people who are not open to you.
  • Vexations if rotten, wormy apples – This dream warns of false friends, separation from a loved one, or similar pain;
  • Love if shining red – The apple is a shining red color, it is a sign of love;
  • Good life if color between red and green in a dream – Brings you a strong and powerful life;
  • Relation if eaten – The apple is eaten, points to intimate love relationships between man and woman.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Luck if pick from the tree – Picking apples in a dream, means joy and rich reward of your works;
  • Prosperity if keep – In a dream you keep/have in your hand an apple, announces you prosperity;
  • Business if collect – In the dream you collect apples, denotes that you will you make good business;
  • Happiness if eat sweet apple – Eating sweet apple in a dream, this brings you glad experiences and enjoyment of love;
  • Worries if sour apple – This dream announces about sadness, false friends, adversity and controversy;
  • Bad news if rotten apple  – You will get bad news, which are only due to malice;
  • Destruction if peel – When you are dreaming that you peel the apple means destruction of hopes and desires;
  • Separation if cut an apple – You will have to separate from a dear friend or a girlfriend.

Artemidorus Meanings:

Sweet – pleasure of love The sight and eating of sweet, ripe summer apples is good. It meant rich love pleasure, particularly to those who try to attract a woman or lover, because the apple is consecrated and dedicated to Aphrodite (goddess of love).

Sour – anxiety, grief Sour apples on the contrary describe disorder and disputes, because they are associated with Eris (goddess of the discord). The winter apples, which you also name quinces, bring grief because of their astringent effect.

Contexts’ Meanings:

Eating a sweet apple in a dream –  Eating sweet, tasty or ripe apple in a dream, announces you pleasure, harmony in your life. Also this dream shows that you will get good earnings because of your hard work. You will experience happy love and happy family.

Eating a sour apple in a dream – Eating sour or unripe apple in a dream, this is a signal, that you have started to enjoy your luck and success too early, this can bring you worries. You will feel sadness and loneliness.

Eating wormy/rotten apple or seeing rotten/wormy apple in a dream – This dream signifies bad and unpleasant news. You will get anxiety and disappointment during reaching your aims. How hard you strive to reach them, you will only have frustration, they will not fulfillment.

Dreaming big red apples – This symbol goes for love and passion. For single -You will meet wonderful soul mate and your life and family life will be glad and joyful. You will be loved and honored by your lover. For married couples, this shows passion in their sexual life and respect to each other.

Picking apples from the tree or ground in the dream – You are picking or somebody else is picking apples in a dream, this announces that you can enjoy your harvest. You have work so hard with lots of efforts to make you life better. Now you will have rich and wealth life. 

* Please, see meaning of apple trees, fruit.

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  1. Hi, I had a dream that shiny green apples with a red shine through it were falling from the sky. Like rain, softly not hard.

    Do you know what this could mean?

    Thank you.

  2. in my dream I saw an apple tree right inside my house with bunch of green apples on it,and I was telling my little daughter to pluck one for me and she did…by then my husband was already eating one before I now woke up. …pls wats the meaning. ..thanks

  3. Help please, I dreamt I was in a garden with a fenced in apple tree. The apple tree was huge with golden green apples and golden peaches at the very top. I was saddened by the sight as ALL the apples were eaten halfway but still hanging in the tree.
    Can anyone interprate please

  4. I saw a serpent offering me a red apple from the tree, which was serpent home… The apple was bitten by serpent. It said the apple never has any effect of poison.
    The ground was dry, there was only one apple on that tree…
    Please help me in interpreting this dream… I’m very worried

  5. In my dream I had two apples on each hand. On the left was a small red one with streaks of green on it. On the right was bigger and pinkish in color ( fuji perhaps). I ate the smaller one and it’ s fresh and crisp with a sweet and sour flavor.

  6. I found the meaning of my dream picking a large apple (red on top green below) very informitive. The apple was fresh and tasted good. I picmed it from the tree and bit it there. I picked another and ga
    ve it to a and I knew. Very helpful.

  7. in my dream i saw my self picking fell off ripe apple then i climb the apple tree pluck the apple as l was plucking at the time eating the with my junior brother.

  8. i saw an apple tree with many leaves with just two ripped fruit and as was thinking of plucking the two apples one just suddenly dropped from the tree which was tall and i picked it and woke up. can i know the meaning?