Seizure (epileptic) dream meanings


Extreme inner confusion; convulsive movements.


Where in my life am I afraid to control or to strive?

General Meanings:

Anorgasmia You have a seizure (epileptic) in the dream, this may be a sign of suppressed sexuality (anxiety of orgasm). Instead of orgasm and relaxation move to spasmodic seizure. The dreamer should learn to relax. Also this may be a warning about health problems.

Psychological Meanings:

Suppressed sexuality or health problems Emotional expression and high voltage symbol this indicates the desire to escape from the normal and boring life. Alternatively a seizure dreams is a long suppressed desire for sexual ecstasy. If you often dream of convulsive seizures and this frightens you, this may be a warning signal. You should go for appointment a doctor or therapist.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Illness if seizure –  It is not a good sign to have such a dream, this denotes disease for you;
  • Health problems if have seizure – This dream announces that you will suffer from poor health. Also you may loss your work;
  • Worries if see others seizures – In the dream you see that others have seizures, this announces that will have a lot of unpleasantness in your surrounding also this may be caused by your subordinates.

* Please, see meaning of powerlessness.

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2 responses

  1. I often have seizure dreams but the thing that makes them scary is I always seem to see myself dead, like Im looking down at myself seeing myself have this super bad seizure. I once told my mother ” Because I appear to be dead in these seizure dreams I have a feeling if I should ever die I have a feeling it will be because oif my seizures, I think my seizures are gonna kill me some day. “

  2. So i had thus dre where someone had a sizure bjt it was not me. I have had thus dream befor my moms friends husnands death and i dont hwt what it means necause it waant me