Bread dream meanings


Food, shared resources; association.


What nourishes me together?

General Meanings:

Bread stands as basic food for the material needs of the life, also can embody friendship, experience of life and wishes, or can emerge as a religious symbol. Often it is understood as an indication to a positive development of further life in material, social and spiritual or intellectual aspects.

  • Desire of fulfillment of wishes Fresh bread in sufficient amounts stands for the wish of fulfillment of physical desires.
  • The dreamer is not sure Bread tastes badly and strangely in the dream, then the dreamer is not sure, what he wants from life. Maybe he made wrong decisions.
  • Brotherly love The loaf is also a symbol of humanity, friendship and sharing.
  • Inner growth Food of life which strengthens both equally body and soul. Who dreams of the bread, whose life gets a sense, because he grows inside together with a community.
  • Prosperity Pay attention to the size and form of bread in the dream. The prosperity and success is announced if you see big loaves of bread.
  • More humility The bread sometimes requests more modesty.
  • Anxiety, sorrow Only old, hard or moldy bread announces distresses and crisis from which you will find the way out only with big efforts and great difficulty.
  • Egoistic love The loaf of bread can indicate a beloved person who you would like to possess completely for yourself.
  • Share your experience Share bread with other people in the dream, shows that it is the way and the ability of the dreamer to transmit and to share fundamental experiences.
  • Jealously See other eating bread and you are hungry, means that you envy everybody their success social position.
  • Success You bake or eat bread in the dream, signifies that you will be successful.

Psychological Meanings:

Bread as certainty to survive and Positive values to live A dream of bread is about the emotional and physical satisfaction of basic human needs. Bread is the classic symbol of nourishment, strength, stabilization, social security and certainty to survive. The harvested grain becomes bread. This has its original importance as a basic food, which is the result of careful effort as a distinctly cultural product. Dreams of bread is not for physiologically hungry people, this shows the life course, spiritual art, the last supper, or mental nature. The bread gives us a lot, but it is not for the luxury, it is always for what we really need, to survive. The woman gets folded, beautifully baked bread in the dream. It was obviously her small family which she found after emotional difficulties. Bread and loaf can also mean a loved human body. You have probably also observe what sexual forms have small loaves of bread. All simple vital values which feed us, can be placed in the dream as bread in our hands. Who gets this bread, has got a positive value which are not allowed to waste.

Spiritual Meanings:

Bread is a symbol of life itself and can also represent the need to share with other people. It is a symbol of our essential food in all cultures.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Friends if see (yourself) buy or eat – In the dream you are buying or eating bread, means that the life brings true friends;
  • Success and happiness if bake – When you are baking bread in your dream, this announces happiness, for the rest of life and a secure livelihood. Also you will be very successful through your own ability;
  • Improvement of life if look fresh and crumbly – The bread is fresh and crumbly, means that you will improve your life and also you will meet pleasant guests;
  • Worries if see a lot of dirty bread – This dream signifies that you have to reckon with hardship and poverty;
  • Anxiety and difficulties if see old – In the dream you see an old bread, this denotes anger and disputes in family. You are going to have great difficulties;
  • Worries if eat old or tough – You can expect big difficulties and you have to struggle through them;
  • Success if eat white bread – This dream displays a rich success and poor losses;
  • Poverty if eat black – This dream means vice verse, that you will have troubles and poverty;
  • Success for friend if someone is eating and you are hungry – in the dream you see someone is eating bread while you yourself are hungry, means that your friend or girlfriend will have a success that she/he didn’t hope for themselves;
  • Luck if loaves of cake – This dream will bring you happiness, love and health;
  • Don’t cheat if cut slices of bread – In the dream you cut bread into slices, you should not “steal butter from the bread”, shows that you have to work harder if you want to improve your life and don’t try to cheat;
  • Longing for friends if rich bread – This dream shows that you are longing for calm and harmonious friendships;
  • Anger if broken loaves -You see broken loves of bread in your dream, indicates disagreement between lovers;
  • Happiness if quickly increasing loafs of bread – This brings happiness in your life line, especially for lovers;
  • Worries with kids if eat (young woman) – when a young woman is eating bread in a dream, soon she will struggle with kids mess which demands your time, effort and nerves.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Don’t complain if eat – You do not have to complain, because for other’s is worse than for you.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Success with project if bake yourself – The dream gives you the green light that you can run your project or plans safely, they will succeed;
  • Luck if see baking – This dream is a good sign, that everything what you do will be  good and brings luck;
  • Good friends if eat or see -In the dream you eat or see the bread, means that you have lots of good and trustful friends, who will help you anytime;
  • Honor if have – You have bread in your hands in your dream, signifies that you are very honorable person;
  • Infidelity if cut – In the dream you are cutting bread, signifies that you will meet unfaithfulness and betrayal of the friend or colleagues;
  • Harm if carry – In the dream you carry the bread, announces you damage;
  • Prosperity if eat white bread – This dream denotes wealth and satisfaction;
  • Misery if eat black bread – The bad dream, which announces poverty and misery;
  • Disease if warm – The dream brings illness;
  • Enemies if moldy and old – In the dream you see moldy and old bread, warns that you have enemies;
  • Luck sways if destroy – In the dream you see destroyed bread, your happiness fluctuates.
  • Fortune if eat warm – Eat an oven-hot bread, you will acquire a considerable fortune, but with trouble and torment because of the violence that comes out of the fire;
  • Prosperity if eat cold bread with butter – In the dream you are eating bread with butter, you will have wealth and happy times, as measured by the amount he consumed;

* Please, see meaning of bake, bakery, food.

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  1. I dreamt where am eating white bread , just a big loaf of bread is somewhere in my mother’s house but I normally cut as much my hands can fold like several times but I saw little children in my compound slickly go the same place to cut it the same way I do , I feel like to stop them but my brother said I should leave them , so please what does this mean

  2. I was looking for bread to eat. I saw a few scraps in a clear plastic bag with cheese. They were like half eaten.
    I had children in the housr but somehow I wanted to eat the leftovers.
    I got a bit worried about what the two children would eat.
    I then went to a cupboard and there was many slim loaves of bread in that cupboard.

    Also that same night. My family was bathing in the sea. Apparently in that dream we had a
    house by the sea. They were telling me to come and join them. I started getting dressed. I was looking for shorts. I took out one after the other but I never made it to the water. They came out and I still did not go in.

  3. In my dream I was buying a long stick of bread from the supermarket and he wanted to cut it up in pieces and I said no, but he said he had to, so I asked to see the manager and then woke up, is there a reason why I didn’t want him to cut it up. Thankyou

  4. I had a dream I was tearing off bits of naan bread walking through Birmingham City centre with my boyfriend and friends throwing the bread at him . The bread felt like it had s huge significance in the dream although in context it was just used in jest. There is nothing on here about naan bread does the same theory apply ?

  5. I dreamt i had 8 loaves of bread and my partner asked me why i had so much, i said “so we don’t ever run out”, i told my partner about the dream only for him to tell me he’d had a similar dream the same night where there were 3 loaves of bread in the cupboard and he’d asked me in his dream why there was so much, so we basicaly had the same dream…what does it mean.

  6. I dreamt that a young lady gave me a bunch of keys. I wanted to stay for a fashion show that was about to start. I walked down the road I headed towards a door to a flat or house, I entered the kitchen and opened a loaf of bread. The bread was mouldy & stale when I ate it, I spat it out. In my thoughts I knew the young lady didn’t want me around because of their insecurities. This is way she gave me the keys to the house. Then the phone some called me on the phone & said the show had finished.

  7. I dreamed that I was flying past people along a sidewald. When I looked back all of the people were lying down, as if they had passed out. I stopped and started to rush back to see if I could help them but then saw them getting up so left and continued flying. Then I saw a woman who kept looking at me so I stopped and asked her if she had something to tell me and she told me that when I flew by she passed out and when she woke u[p she had a piece of bread in her mouth. She showed it to me and it was a crescent shapped piece of sliced white bread. Then she showed me a large chalice and lead me to understand that that was hers to share as my was, apparently, bread. She offered to support me as I entered a strange new world

  8. eating freshly baked bread signifies success ahead. This page has helped to ease up worries of dreams and meaning. Oh! Its wonderful, i’m greatful to God.

  9. I just dreamt that my brother, his gf and I… ridiculously bought $600 worth of fresh breads and pastries of many sorts. along with preserved fruits (mango in sugared vinegar, etc) on our way home.

  10. I had a dream, i was eating a brown bread, wit d awareness dat d bread was dry, but each time i cut d bread with my teeth d white soft part of d bread will b showed, and i almost was concerned of d fact that i should eat everything and in a hurry…………. Joseph Boima

  11. I had a dream I was on come dine with me the host gave me an enormous Italian type bread, I broke of a quarter and gave what was left to the black lady sitting beside me. I then wandered off and noticed everywhere was flooded with clear water. The water was full of black fat fish which were wanting to be caught. Pudding was served which was a fresh fruit pavlova it was very nice