Cider dream meanings

General Meanings:

Healthy The dream symbol of cider may indicate your health, you enjoy your sporty and active life.

Contradictions On the other hand the cider may be a sign of irresponsibility. To drink cider in excess, this signifies contradictions. You may not satisfy with your work, love relation or even behavior.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Happiness if drink cider – In the dream you drink cider in moderation, this dream predicts a happy future. But you do not have to waste your time with material pleasures;
  • Bad influence if see others drinking cider – In the dream to see how others are drinking cider,  this means that you are influenced by wrong people;
  • Worries if drink sour cider – This dream will bring you disappointment in your life, but there isn’t anything so good that it can’t get better;
  • Luck if cider is sweet – In the dream you drink sweet cider, then this announces you success and pleasant events.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • healthy life if see cider and do not drink – In the dream you see opened cider, but do not drink, this dream marks that you are very healthy person. You are worried about your soul and body health;
  • Important time if tasting cider – In the dream you are tasting cider, then it denotes that you are making important decisions in your life and now you are considering what to choose;
  • Irresponsible person if get drunk of cider – This indicates that you act too freely in your life, you do not think about any consequences;
  • Positive things if drink in moderation – When you are drinking cider in moderation, this dream marks that you have ability to control everything and to turn to positive side;
  • Control if make cider – Very good sign. This signifies that you control  in your life, your destiny.

* Please, see meaning of wine.

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