Elf dream meanings

General Meanings:

Inner sensibilities – Elf (mythical creatures) can embody the unconscious as a basis of impulses, feelings, energy and consciousness. From this, conclusion can be drawn what moves and motivates a person. Elf often expresses the need for romantic love relationships.

Psychological Meanings:

The desire of lightness in difficult situation – Who dreams of it, wants to know how an elf can rise up and fly so playfully and effortlessly: a typical escape dream from a phase of excessive demands. This is noticeable yearning for the lightness and the subconscious mind sends out signals in the form of elves: an invitation to deal playfully with challenges and sometimes to say “no”.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Love experience If see –  In the dream you see an elf says that you will experience forbidden and beautiful pleasures of love;
  • Crossroad If surrounded by elves – When you are dreaming that you are surrounded by a lot of elves, means that you are not sure which of two or more people to love, whom to give your love;
  • Painful love If flee and disappear – When in your dreams you try to reach the elf and it flees or disappears, announces a sad love affair;
  • Marriages If kissed by elves – This dream indicates imminent engagement, because you have already decided.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Choosing the way of your life If many elves – In the dream you see many elves, means that you have to make very important decision, consider the pros and cons. Then you can choose the way which to want to go.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Lucky days If dancing with them – When you are dancing with elves, approaches you happy days, because you worth this;
  • Trust yourself If you play with them – This dream warns you about deceitful hopes, you don’t have to expect something from people, you have to do it on your own.

Contexts’ Meanings:

To dream an elf – In the dream the elf appears when the person has some kind of worries and troubles and imbalance in his life. He wants to know how he can easily solve them all. Many elves in the dream, signifies that there are several ways to solve the problems , but you have to think very carefully which way to choose.

The elf attacks or chases you – In the dream you have been attacked by an elf, this announces you poverty, sorrows, humiliation. You have chosen the wrong way in your life, you want to reach your goals through the easiest way. But this success will be only temporary. After that you will have damage and worries.

To play with an elf – This period of your life is only the illusion. The temporary success and happiness will not bring you joy for all your life, because you have to work hard with all your efforts to reach better life.

To dance with an elf – This dream wants to show you that it is the time for you to become more carefree. It is time for you to relax a little bit and enjoy your life. You have to become more childish and try to enjoy the world around you. Spend some time with your family and remember your childhood and enjoy this.

* Please, see meaning of Dwarf.

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  1. Hello.I’ve dreamed about elves in a fair place.Something like of Rivendell.One male one which looked like Legolas was bracing me and he bowed his head and lead me to a table with one whom I recognised as Lord Elrond and some other men were eating and smiling at me.I joined in and it was amazing.Another one is Legolas was embracing me to open a door infront and enter it.He nodded his head towards it and smiling very lordly.I walked in and there I couldn’t recognise the place.Its like he is asking me to go and face my fears while still with me.Never letting go.Its all nothing of LOTR because it felt so real and close to me.Like somehow,I know I have elven family like them accompanying me in life.I have a father and a mother and a few brothers there.