Epee (sword) dream meanings

General Meanings:

Sexuality Epee is often in men’s dreams for an aggressive form of sexuality that is trying to force if necessary, what they will do not receive free, which can be understood as a warning. Epee as a dream symbol stands for an aggressive form of sexuality. Such a dream for men, this usually has an exaggerated emphasis on the sexual drive. A rusty sword in the dream indicates injured manhood.

Need for partner For women, the sword often is a fear of sexuality, but also the desire for a strong (but not aggressive), protective partner.

Protection of reputation Sometimes the epee embodies the personal honor which may be damaged and may need to protect reputation or prestige more.

Psychological Meanings:

Sigmund Freud explains the sword or dagger in the dream as a male phallic symbol. Today the sword is explained as an approaching (or feared) separation. When women dreams of a sword then in her real life she may have exaggerated sexual desires. The drawn epee in a dream may indicate a drastic experiences and an unpleasant event. The rusty or broken epee in the dream may indicate a lack of power or an illness.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Divorce if see a sword – The man sees a sword in his dream denotes that he will experience really feared separation;
  • Happiness if have an epee in hand – In your dream you have an epee in your own hands then this promises fame, glory, joy;
  • New experience if be attacked with an epee – When you were attacked with an epee in the dream, then this announces that you will have a decisive experience which may change something in your life;
  • Warning if have a razor – In your dream you have a razor then this dream denotes that you have to be attentive because there is a danger near you;
  • Fight with slander if fight with a sword – You are fighting with a sword against someone in your dream, then in your real life you will fight with gossip well;
  • Damaged respect if epee is rusty – When the sward is rusty in the dream then this indicates about desecration of the honor.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Changes if see a sword – In the dream you see a sword then you may expect some changes in your life and this will not make any harm to you, because you will learn from it.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Be yourself if have a sward – You have a sword in the dream, then this marks that you have to keep your own beliefs;
  • Demotion if sword in the sheath – The dream of sword in the sheath announces humiliation in your dream;
  • Anger if pull out a sward of the sheath – In your dream you see that you pull out a sward of the sheath then in near future you will have quarrels and disagreements;
  • Happiness if have an expensive sword in your hands – The expensive sword in the dream announces you joy, honor because of your trust and hard work;
  • Warning if see a damaged epee – This dream has a negative meaning which marks that you have to take care of your health because there are really serious danger;
  • Lost opportunity if broken sword – The broken sward as a dream symbol shows that you will have mischance because of your pride;
  • Event if sward with large gilded handle – The dream when you see a sward with large gilded handle then you may expect some kind of ceremony or a happy event in near future;
  • Loss if lose a sword – In the dream you have lost your sword then in near future you will have poverty and loss;
  • Wealth if being self-wounding with a sword – In the dream you hurt yourself with a sword then you will have prosperity, high patron;
  • Experience if be attacked with a sword – You were attacked with a sward one has to expect a drastic experience in his life.

* Please, see meaning of knife, sword.

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