Evening star (Venus) dream meanings

Psychological Meanings:

Pleasant events and romantic feelings Venus as an astrological planet of love usually indicates pleasant events. In the dark of the night shines a light for a new hope. Allow yourself to feel romantic feelings, find a new goal and destination, life may hold a surprise for you.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Happiness and Wellness Evening start is a sign of great happiness. Also for sick people announces recovery. It is the time to avail the luck which the destiny gives you;
  • Successes and benefits if see light along with other less bright stars – This dream announces success and financial benefits in the near future, but also there can be some anxiety and stress;
  • Realization of plans if shines alone – In the dream you see shining star, signifies that your intended plans can be realized;
  • Don’t lose your hope if temporarily covered – When you dream that you see when the star temporarily covered, means that you  don’t have to lose the hope, the goals are still attainable;
  • Bury your hopes if veiled by clouds – In the dream you can not see the star so brightly because it veiled by clouds, denotes that you must bury the hope for the near future;
  • Harm if darkened – You are dreaming that the star is darkened, it threatens harm and danger;
  • Longing for lover if see (For single people) – This dream shows that you really miss your loved one;
  • Warning if see (For married couples) – This dream is a warning that there are secrets between spouses;

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Fulfilled hopes if see shining in the cloudless sky – This dream shows that your hopes will come true;
  • Changes if see in the cloudy sky – The signal that hope and misfortune will change with each other;
  • Longing beloved if see shining – In the dream you see shining star, shows that you miss your beloved.

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