Excrements dream meanings


Elimination & refuse from the past.


What I’m willing to forget?

General Meanings:

Excrement (excreta, feces, urine) often points to an immature personality, perhaps also on appropriate sexual perversions which arise from the immaturity. The dream of feces shows that the dreamer returns to childish forms of expression and amusement. Possibly, it has not come out on the unconscious level about the feeling, that everything what has to do with bodily functions is dirty and self-centered.

  • Welfare – In old dream books the excrement is understood as a symbol of prosperity and happiness.
  • New creation – Excrement in the dream is available for certain aspects in the life of the dreamer, which he has “to use up” and “to sort out”. Also you can see the note in it, that you should take advantage of the previous experience, that you left behind, to connect them to create new elements.
  • Worries and Fear – Dream that you’re playing with excrement, can be a symbol of money and valuables and also expresses financial troubles or fear of responsibility.
  • Wish of free life – The emptying of the intestine usually stands for the wish of the dreamer to live without having responsibilities and concerns or reduce his inhibitions. In addition, the bowel movement can symbolize the sexual act.
  • Rejection of personality – If you see yourself with soiled excrement, this can express self-refusal and disgust, because you cannot accept parts of your own personality;
  • Stuck in the past – Constipation, the retention of feces, symbolizes an inability to let go of the past or previous behaviors. The dreamer looks that he “got stuck” in his behavior.
  • Manage impulses – If excrement is from animals this means that the dreamer is responsible for how he handles with his impulses.

Spiritual Meanings:

Get rid of bad emotions – At this level excrement in a dream symbolizes spiritual expression. The dreamer yearns to get rid of bad feelings or to transform it into something valuable.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Relief If excrete – Soon you will be able to feel a clear relief in a current affair or situation;
  • Fear If feel or get dirty like this – Your conscious says that  you’re afraid of not to be accepted by others;
  • Riddance If work with your own feces – You want to free yourself from mental ballast or annoying circumstances;
  • Good sign If see or enter – In the dream you see or step on it means a very good sign for positive development of personal relationships and satisfaction;
  • New experiences If play with it – The dream shows that you have fallen back in an immature sexual phase or you could win  new experiences from old ones for the future.

* Please, also read dream meaning of feces and urine.

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  1. I have a draem that i use pantyliners then i saw somthing on the pantyliner. I pull it off my pants and under the pantyliner was many poop. So i wash my poop of my panty and it when down the drain. What is this dream mening

  2. I had a dream that I was having sex with my boyfriend but then it wasn’t him, he changed his shape into someone who seemed evil and when it all stopped I felt the need to empty my bowel but started throwing up faeces.

    What does this mean? :(

  3. I dream dat i was press and i went nearby bush to pass excretal but fortunately to my suprise i fund excretal on uniform dat i worn dat verytime and even my hands

  4. Please help me out, first I had a dream that my boyfriend excreted and a little touched my hand, after some months I had a Dream that he vomited in front of me, and I offered to clean it but he refused to let me and cleaned it himself.. Can you please help me tell me what all this means?

  5. Iam very thank you and you real helping us to know about our dreams. good luck and God bless!! Now iam no longer warry my self about dreams. I just log in and know about my dreams.

  6. I had a dream I had vary bad diarrhea. I had to go so I sat in a low to the ground beach type chair and went. Because it wasnt a toilette I had to try and aim my butt hole forward instead of down. In an eruption from my bowels, my foot/ankle got a big splat. The poop just kept coming and was getting all over me. I was disgusted by it getting on my butt and my ankle. I also remember the chair was sort of tie dye.

    I read through all of the interpretations and just wondering if anybody has a more precise interpretation. Id be very curious to hear it. Thank you.

  7. I’ve had a dream 2 months ago about feces coming out of my mouth. I was on a trip/training or something. I was going to take a shower and crap(solid) was coming out of my mouth. I used my finger to get it out it was so thick and full. Spitting it out. Last night it was the same type of dream except I was dressed walking around socializing and my mouth was full with something similar to the other dream the difference was it was not identified as poop. I walked to the sink in the next room. Cleaned my mouth out then brushed my teeth trying to clean my mouth and remove the nasty taste.

  8. I have had a dream about pooping in my pants. It was warm and I had careless feelings. Now I am happy too, cuz I find out answer: “To excrete: you soon will be able to feel a significant relief in a recent issue”.

  9. i heard a dream were i enter into a room, which i saw an excreter an morealso, i was also stained by an excreter by someone. What is the spiritual implication?

  10. I occasionally have a dream where I keep finding dried feces in my mouth. I take them out but soon find more in my mouth. Just trying to get an idea what my mind is trying to tell me.

  11. I just dreamt I was searching for my car, parked on my block from my childhood. I walked a bit too far and somehow ended up in a forest or swamp of sorts. Everything turned dark and unfamiliar before I realized I was walking in a field of feces! Luckily I saw some people and I walked with them through a pool filled with excrement. There were hands in the liquid that were grabbing at my feet. But the fellow travelers gave me sense of companionship and relief, so we walked a bit faster through the pool. Finally, we came upon what I can recall is a monolith structure filled with light or a bright substance. I remember running through it and feeling a sensation of being entirely cleansed of the whole experience. Shortly before I woke up, I was at a dinner table with some of the fellow swamp travellers, with the feeling of relief and sense of strange optimism. What does it all mean?

  12. I have had a few dreams about excrements I can remember the latest two : – (1) I have to empty my bowel and walk in a filthy public toilet, covered with faeces. I feel disgusted, but is forced to get on emptying my bowel.
    (2) I have a break from my class with other students (note here I am 74 yrs old) and the toilets are all engaged. I wait a bit. Later I realized if I don’t go now, I won’t have my chance for another five hours, I might get constipated later. So I got one with a couple of children (a boy and a girl) playing nearby. The toilet is not like a normal toilet, it looks I am sitting on a bed, instead of the mattress, it’s covered with rattan and this allow me to shit.

  13. When i was very young i had a dream i was in my mothers room and she was kept going cleaning up after the dogs because they were pooing everywhere. She kept brushing it behind a small press in the room but the heap got so high you could obviously see it from in front of the press. The dogs continued pooing and she continued cleaning, the heap got bigger and bigger.

  14. I dream that my daughter wanted me to change her pants and when I did her panties was full of mess! I was like why you aint tell me you pass! At the time in the dream I was waiting for her father to come home! He was gone all day and I started to have doubts on if he was coming back

  15. I excreted antlers with excrement all over them. I went to the bathroom and put the dirty antlers in the bath when my flatmate came in …. and I was terrified she’d see the fouled antlers … I then woke up and was left with a sense of disgust and fear.