Extraterrestrial being dream meanings


Distances, unfamiliar or unknown, not human.


Which part of me is strange or unconventional?

General Meanings:

The dreamer has to face the obscurity which arouses fear.

Psychological Meanings:

Differ from others The dreamer experiences himself or a part of himself as outsiders or strangers. The dream indicates that he knows and realizes that he lives his life differently than others.

Spiritual Meanings:

Something stranger or unknown may be due to evil, but also may signify supernatural practices, mystical phenomena or magic.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Desire to know if meet extraterrestrial being – When in your dream you meet an extraterrestrial being,this dream marks that you seem to be very curious to know people. You want to take their experience and attitude in order to reach your own goals;
  • Joy if see a friendly stranger – In your dream the stranger was very friendly and positive, then this promises health and a pleasant environment;
  • True friends if be an extraterrestrial being – You are an extraterrestrial being in your dream, then this marks that you will have truthful and long lasting friendships.

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  1. Ok. One night I was sound alseep, and I had a dream of a UFO.
    In the dream I was outside looking up into the sky, looking at
    the clouds. So as I’m looking at the clouds I see one cloud
    moving, and as it moved I saw a UFO, like it was hiding behind
    the cloud. The UFO was huge, and looked heavy like maybe a
    mothership. Anyways the UFO/Spacecraft looked as if it was
    spinning slowly in place at an angle. Then as I kept watching
    it, suddenly beings that look like half man half beast or alien
    came down dressed like some kind of space soldiers or
    something.. (Not like your typical Alien descriptions). There
    were other people outside watching as well, so as we’re
    watching these beings coming down, I see people lining up
    like in a military fashion like soldiers. Then the beings that
    came down started handing weapons and gear to the people
    that were lined up.. It seemed liked they were preparing
    people to go into combat or something. I was kinda scared,
    because it seemed so real. And I wasn’t watching movies
    about Aliens or anything like that.. It’s weird. What does this
    mean? Has anyone else had a dream like this?

  2. Okay, I’ve had a dream that has ailed me for a long time. It ended when I was around 8, but I’ve always wondered what it meant. I remember it clearly. This happened every single night before my normal dreams for 3 to 4 years. This is how it went:
    I am in my bed, the light on, when I hear my parents talking to somebody I don’t know. A moment later my door opens and two grown men enter my room, one with a paddle. These men looked somewhat like the main character in the game God of War, though the game was not made in the time I had these dreams. As I was saying, they walked into my room and I hid under the covers. It was like I was watching the dream, I had no control of what happened. I struggled under my my blanket but the men grabbed me and pulled me to the area next to my bed (I had a bunk-bed). I would scream and cry but they just held my neck until I was silent. I yelled out a few times after a moment of silence for my parents, but nobody would come. They strangled me again until I was totally quiet. Than, they moved over showing what was next to my bed. It was this darkish green monster/alien that was huge. I didn’t understand how they could block my sight of it earlier, but they both grabbed one part of my body and held me up to the creature. I made one last yell for help as they threw me into the beast’s mouth and it all went black. After that, my dreams would carry on normally. The strangest thing was that after it happened a few times, it was like watching a movie again. I knew what would happen, but I couldn’t change anything it in. Also, just a few years back, I had a ‘Monster’s Inc.’ dream. In it, I was like I was all those years ago, tiny and helpless, and I was at Disney Land. It was a ride where you go in one of those spinning tea cup things and ride into one of the main characters mouth’s, though it was just a plastic mouth on a wall. I would plead but my old parents would put me on it saying it would be fine, and when I went into the mouth, their would be sounds like something was cracking and it would go onto my normal dreams.

    This lasted for about 6 months. Please tell me what this means! and why the my dreams would semi-recently turn into dreams like I was a little kid again! If you can help, e-mail me with this link: [email protected]

  3. Hi, i been having dreams of space ships for years. i never sleep long enough to really see what happens next. All i see is the ship comming and me running for shelter because im always scared, but this last time i had a dream of the same spaceship. It goes like this…. I was in my home with my boyfriend and kids it was late and we were going to bed so i look outside for some reason then i see this space ship, so i tell my boyfriend to turn the lights off so they wouldnt see that we were home because i was so scared, but he didnt turn them off in time and before you know it the alien was knocking at my door. we were all standing there in awww, the alien comes in with a glass of water with his hand stretched out telling my boyfriend to drink the water, but not with words you can tell just by his look The alien was very tall like a greyish green color with big black eyes just like on tv with a skinny body long arms, and seemed to be peaceful. my boyfriend drinks the water, and the alien then hands me a glass of water and tells me to drink, so i take the water and drink most of the water, but i stopped drinking because it seemed to burn alittle as i was drinking, so the alien then tells us to go with him. He leads the way, and as we walking out the house there were hundreds of people there waiting to go also or were already with them…. Crazy dream huh? i wonder what it means REALLY