Eye dream meanings


Vision, awareness, clarity.


What am I aware of? How do I see the world?

General Meanings:

The ability to see the world with all the positive features The eye is an organ of light and consciousness. The mirror of the soul, the symbol shows mental state of the dreamer and his overall position on the future of events and development. Eye stands for alertness, curiosity, intelligence, intellectual interests and knowledge, but also for anxiety. There are further meanings that can be found in many ancient dream books:

  • Blindness – points to spiritual and mental blindness.
  • See well – the clear recognition of a particular situation.
  • Squint – points to false estimate of people or a situation.

Psychological Meanings:

Mirror of soul The dream symbol of an”eye” is the meaning of an organ of consciousness. The eye is like a mirror of the soul in the dream and in the real life.

Hiding and trying to escape from worries In the dream the ability to see is not so good, then this may mean that the dreamer does not see current problems in his life or maybe he does not want to recognize them and correct.

Spiritual Meanings:

The eye is the symbol of sensual and intellectual perception.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • if dreaming eye in general – This is a symbol of faith, intelligence, mind, alertness, curiosity;
  • Warning if see an eye – This dream is a warning that a watchful enemies try with the smallest chance to harm your business or life;
  • Love if seeing fiery eyes – This dream will bring you love and happy family;
  • Help if seeing blue eyes – In the dream you see blue eyes, signifies that confidence inspires confidence and you should protect a friend;
  • Love if see blue eyes of known person – This dream may show that you may not consciously perceived love for that person;
  • Falsehood if seeing gray or stabbing eyes – in the dream you see gray or stabbing eyes, signifies that you should beware of falsehood of any kind. Also you will meet a flatterer which will make damage for you;
  • Loyalty if seeing brown eyes – The brown eyes stand for the loyalty for another person, you can expect hot love;
  • Dishonesty if seeing dark, inscrutable eyes – This dream may be a note and a warning against dishonest and insincere people;
  • Changes if stranger is staring with big eyes – This is very good sign which will bring you happiness. The important changes will soon take place in your life;
  • Warning if seeing your own eyes – In the dream you see your eyes, this indicates that someone is working secretly against you and you have to be careful in your actions and decisions;
  • Annoyance if see one-eyed man – This dream is threatening a painful loss and anger;
  • Development if blind and watering eyes in a dream – This dream announces quite favorable developments and glad news;
  • Bad friends if seeing squinting and crossed eyes – This dream warns of false friends that want to use you;
  • Losses if cut out eyes – To cut an eye in a dream may indicate an impending loss;
  • Loss if eyes are bad – In the dream you feel that your eyes are bad, this marks loss of money and property;
  • Deceived desires if closed eyes – This dream signifies about deluded hopes;
  • Losing friends if losing an eye – in the dream you have lost your eye, this announces a loss of good friends;
  • Sorrow if take of an eye – This dream signifies that you will have sorrow because of love;
  • Barriers if something is in your eye – In the dream there is something in your eye, this may be a signal that you have some barriers in your life and they damage your plans;
  • Wrong attitude if seeing one eye – In the dream you notice only one eye this signifies that you have one side of thinking and strict attitude to current situation;
  • Do not want to accept the truth if having an eye disease (eye injury) – This dream means that you do not want to see something in your life or it is difficult for you to recognize the truth.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • if seeing eyes in the dream – The eyes stand for faith, the glory and light of the soul;
  • Lost belief if being blind – Dreaming that you are completely blind, you will lose your faith, and not long to live;
  • Blasphemed if blind with one eye – You are blind with one eye, you will lose only half of your belief and you will be reviled a lot;
  • Finding the answer if seeing your own eyes – In the dream your eyes are widely opened, this signifies that the salvation of your worries and troubles in near you, you only have to look deeper;
  • Good abilities if dreaming third eye – in the dream you see the third eye, this shows that you have physic abilities to be better and to reach better life;
  • Wealth if curing an eye because of suffering – In the dream you cure your eyes because they are hurt and after that you see very well, means that you will change your mind and increase your wealth;
  • Possibilities if treat eyes – In the dream you treat your eyes in order to see more clearly, after hard time you will have very good time to reach your goals and to make your life better;
  • Irresponsibility if blind – Dreaming that you are completely blind, this signifies that you are blind against bad actions and attitudes and because of this your soul will fall into ruin;
  • Wrong people if seeing black eyes – In the dream you see black eyes this warns you that you have to beware of wrong people;
  • Love if seeing blue eyes – This dream is a sign that someone loves you and you do not notice this;
  • Loyal friend if seeing brown – This dream shows and signifies that you do not have to forget that you have someone who is faithful to you and he will always help you;
  • News if blind -You are blind in the dream, soon you’ll get a good message;
  • End of hard times if crying or dripping eyes – This announces that after short time your heavy days will over;
  • Warning if cross-eyed – In the dream your eyes are crossed, this dream warns that you have to avoid too-friendly people, because they are trying to involve you in an awkward and unpleasant situation;
  • Beware if seeing one eye – This is a warning that do not be so excited for you the one you love, because you may see only the good side of a person.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • if dreaming eyes – The eye represents awareness, knowledge, intelligence, consciousness and openness.
  • Warning if eyes turning around – In the dream eyes are turning around, signifies and warns that you have to beware of something around you;
  • Worries if something in the eye – In the dream you found something in your eye, this shows that there are some barriers in your life way or in the way of reaching your goals;
  • Do not want to see the truth if can not open eyes – You can not open your eyes in the dream, marks that you refuse to see the truth;
  • Anxiety if being observed by someone’s eyes – This dream signifies that you will suffer from insecurity and anxiety;
  • Love if seeing blue eyes – This dream will bring you hot love;
  • Harm if black eyes – You must pull yourself from false friends right now, because you will have lots of damage and you will have disappointment;
  • Happiness if blind – In the dream you are blind, this will bring you glad news, which will bring you wonderful life and exiting events;
  • Worries if cross-eyed – In the dream you notice that your eyes are crossed, this will bring you humiliation, financial problems;
  • Good life if seeing big and beautiful eyes – This is very good sign which announces you good luck and wealth;
  • Good offer if have only one eye – In the dream you have only one eye, this indicates that you have to throw an eye on someone who seeks your attention all the time. They have something to offer;
  • Losses if bad eyes – in the dream your eyes are bad, this marks about loss of any kind;
  • Bad experiences if watering and dripping eyes – This dream will bring you distressing experiences and bad future;
  • Losses if losing your eye – This dream is a signal about thwarted hopes, loss of love and lover.

Contexts’ Meanings:

* Please, see meaning of blindness, body, mother complex, colors.

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  1. I’ve actually had a dream last night where as I cut my own left pupil out and walked around thinking of cutting my other one but I couldn’t see then all of a sudden my left pupil started to grow back and I could see again I would like to know what this means if anyone has the answer

  2. I had a dream between 7-9 am yesterday morning. I dreamt I was looking at myself in my bathroom mirror.I opened my eyes big and I have pink pupils and yellow eyes , but the yellow color gradually lightens and became fluorescent yellow. And then I saw my pupils looked like a little jelly balls I tried to touch them and my eyes blinked and the jelly part cut off and fell like a jelly balls fells after getting broken… That’s it what does it mean? Can you please tell me what does it mean?

  3. Muslim: I saw in a dream last night that my friend pokes a needle in my left eye and the pupil turned black and it covers my whole eye ball and make it jet black then I talk to my mother about getting a stone eye but then I went to a operating room and there is a doctor who clear the black water from my eye ball and beneath that my new eye is there which is perfectly alright and normal

  4. I saw in a dream last night that my friend pokes a needle in my left eye and the pupil turned black and it covers my whole eye ball and make it jet black then I talk to my mother about getting a stone eye but then I went to a operating room and there is a doctor who clear the black water from my eye ball and beneath that my new eye is there which is perfectly alright and normal


    Dave (a much older friend) was in my flat & acting weird & talking in a sort of radio broadcaster voice that was not how he sounds normally. He was annoying me, he then knocked over a year old birthday cake which i salavaged & ate due to it having no sponge, just icing & a sort of fruit jello.
    Dave then started acting pervy so i physically chucked him out my front door. My next door neighbour opposite me Ernie was in the communial hallway with 2 men in his front door entrance…everyone was being jokey but i told Ernie to f**k off as i knew he was slagging me off to everyone, he shrugged & said ‘oh well’.
    I closed my door & locked it.

    I went back into my lounge & then back to my front door as i heard someone whistling a sort of eerie tune (no part of the dream seemed scary tho) as i got to the front door i looked to my right (which is where a walk in cupboard area is) & another dave came out from behind the cupboard door whistling!. Bemused i grabbed him & chucked him out the front door into the communial hallway where Ernie & the 2 men and the 1st Dave were still present, only this time a lot more people were with them, all being jokey but pretending not to see the 2nd dave who i had just chucked out.
    They were waving their hands around him but not thru him & laughing (taking the pi*s) so i knew they could see him really, I slammed the front door.

    Someone knocked the door so i looked thru my doors spyhole & couldnt see the 2nd Dave as if he were invisible but then i saw him again, all of a sudden i saw a baby thru the spyhole & the whole of its eyes were solid blue (a bit darker than sky blue) & it had no iris or pupils, I thought ‘well its not a black eyed kid…so its not evil’, so i let it in.
    I knew that when ever i would see a solid blue eyed baby then it ment it had come for me as i feel i had previously called for it to come and protect me.
    I unlocked my front door & a woman who reminded me of a friend called Jess (but was not Jess) came thru my front door holding the blue eyed baby, I shut & locked the door, as she came in she said ‘its OK the blue eyed space baby is here for you’!.
    This is where the dream ended. I awoke feeling confused & upset.

    In my waking life at the present time my life is in danger from what appears to be a network of so called hetrosexual men involved in secret homosexual orgies, 2 of them iv found are spiking unsuspecting men with GHB & raping then murdering them, its starting to look as though others are involved including the police who are not helping me..I feeel its an organised luciferian network and 3 of the men i know are pedophiles which iv exposed to people but only a few believe me , I have evidence and reported it all to the police but im left barricaded in my own home with no help.
    As it goes Dave is on my side but he is being poisoned & is being followed everywhere he goes in his car, The police think he is mentally unstable, but its the intimidation that is affecting him.
    Any replies to what my dream means would be greatly appreciated..Thanks Ronnie.

  6. In my dream my eyes fell out and I told my mom she had to put them back in when she did I could see my self with big eyes covering my whole head and they were black and white in the middle when my eyes fell out I could still see I was just staring at her putting them back in , and they kept coming out then she bought me these dragon ball z eyes when I put them in I could see orange , and then they kept falling out then I transported to a auditorium and my old friends were there , but I couldn’t see them cus my eyes were blurry I would see them only when they talked to me then for awhile I could then it stoped and I was rubbing my eyes and they were sitting all the way in the front rows to where I could not see them and then I woke up in a dessert staring at a roller coaster and my brother called cus the person who was controlling it asked if I wanted to get on before I moved which I had already been moved in real life and when we got on there was a girl behind me with big eyes and staring at me

  7. I had this dream during the day around 12:00-noon’ish a giant black shadow man was chasing a female during the day with a sharp object through a house out the back door he followed with great force once outside he cornered the female her back against the side of the house she was able to reach a rake leaning against the house she tried to fight him off with one swing he knocks her out stands over her removed both eyes and said in a weird inhuman voice give me back my eyes i witness the entire event never seeing her face not sure if the woman was me or not but what could this mean

  8. I had a dream between 6-8 am this morning, before falling asleep i was thinking of this thing that my boyfriend did that is upsetting me so much. When i fell asleep he came to my apartment and when i wanted to tell him about it, his sclera of his eyes turned bloody red: no dripping. And also his nose was dripping blood from the pores. I was so worried but then this happened twice and i thought to myself in the dream that he doesnt want to be talked to about what he did thats why hes doing this like thats how i felt. Please answer me asap

  9. I had a dream my eyes were completely black. Even the white part of my eyes. And then they turned all the way blue. And it changed from those colors and I could still see everything.

  10. I had a dream, or actually a nightmare. I walked into a dark room where a girl with white hair was sitting on a bed staring at me with big shiny blue eyes. As i make eye contact i get a powerful sence of fear and all of a sudden the room seems to slightly turn sideways as i am kind of drawn og pulled towards her. Then i wake up screaming several times, stopping as my girlfriend wakes me up.

    In addition when i woke up in the morning my girlfriend told me she had slept awfully all night, because i had yelled 4 other times that night. which i can’t recall, i can only remember the first nightmare, and another dream which isn’t related to the screaming.

  11. I had a dream last night a friend and I dropped some sort of substance similar to Molly and our eyes were dialated pitch black and in the white area was covered by what looked like an ocean or sky.

  12. I had a dream where I was at a cabin with my sister and her friends. When I went to greet another one of her friends at the door, I looked past her and say beady white eyes staring at me and I went cold. Scared myself awake.

  13. I had a dream last night where I went to my nana’s house and went to play with her puppy, but she had no eyes! I picked her up and took her inside to show every one but they didn’t care. I looked at the floor and her eyes were just laying there. I sat down and started to cry but I couldn’t actually cry, then I woke up..

  14. Story cut short: I was able to stop a bear from attacking me and my sister by looking straight in its eyes and commanding it to stop. Shortly after, I was able to do that with the wolf too. What does that mean? What do you think?

  15. I had a dream that I somehow ended up in a valley and this blond fairy or witch kept appearing and disappearing closer and closer. It was dawn or dusk and she was trying to deceive me. Next thing I knew, I was on top of her digging her third eye out with a silver spoon. That thing was soooo hard to get out. I don’t remember if I got it or not. It was weird. I’ve been having unusual dreams about magic…

  16. So in a dream I had last night I looked in the mirror and I had bright blue eyes and in real life I have brown eyes. And I remember I kept looking in the mirror and every time I looked my eyes were different colors such as green and hazel. It was weird but I do remember thinking how beautiful they looked. What does this mean?

  17. i had a dream where something fell out of my eye. It was a small oval shaped flat stone like or bean like material. What does this mean? I think it was the left eye.

  18. Had a dream about going through a lot of pain and not understanding what was going on. I looked into a mirror and saw my left eye was gone and where the eye was suppose to be was a blue veiny liquid.

  19. I dreamt I was round my next door neighbours I walked out of there back door because I heard my dog barking when I got to the door I noticed my neighbour walking away from the fence I got to the fence I looked at my dog it had blood around its mouth and was barking at the cat right next to the cat was a blue eye (it looked like my fathers) it had threenough stab marks like it had been stabed out with a fork, I rushed in to see who’s eye it was but my hole house was in the dark I turned on the living room light and I saw my mum holding my dad she looked at me with tears in her eyes I said to her is that dad’s eye and she cried yep. I looked at my father he was shaking in pain his eyelid of where his eye was meant to be was shut but no longer hold its round shape his face was full of blood.

    I would like to know what all of this means as it is a very err weird dream to dream expecially about my father.

  20. I had a dream the other night where a man (unknown) stood so close to me all I could focus on was his piercing crystal blue eyes. His eyes were so clear they looked like empty tunnels into the universe. The outer edge was blue, and the centre looked as dark as space with little specs of light. I remember every detail about his rugged face and empty eyes. But I cannot find anything that will give me clarity of what it all meant. I’m a very spiritual person, so ofcourse this has really spun me out.

  21. I had a dream that i woke up and was going about my day, and went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror and my eyes were really green/hazel. (my eyes are really brown) and in my dream, i acknowledged the change saying to myself “wow my eyes are pretty green today!” and when i looked again, they were back to brown.

    can that mean anything interesting?

  22. I had a drean And my left eye kept bugging me, I went to look.in the mirrior and kept rubbing it cause ut was scratchy and i noticed it was slit, from the.corner to my eye through my eyelid and up to my eyebrow. I started freakinh out.didn’t know what to do.

    What does it mean?

  23. I had a dream where my boyfriend of several years asked me to marry him and we were standing under a bright light and when he tilted his head up his eyes where the most beautiful green and looked like huge deep glittering gems and when his head tilted down again they were still gorgeous and impossibly green but looked like a regular eye. His eyes are normally brown.

  24. i dreamt: i was picking out a flakon of perfume in a shop in Paris, when a Group of strangers came in. They tossed everything in their Baskets but nonetheless i got by, and could pick out my Things they did not disturb me.
    A Man approached me and asked what i was looking for. I told him and he smiled at me. He had the most beautifull Eyes, a little blue and a lot of gold and brown, they made his face glow from the inside. The where so mezmerising, and i followed him out i just felt i had to. We got into a conversation wehre i asked him what he was doing, he murmured someting of water mint psycholy, a more common name for pre- natal psychology so he told me, because it ment like the little leaves of the mint still in the water, and the smell they have, so innocent and so fragile and gentle. I told him that i thought that a very interesting science. He was delighted to find me recognizing it and beeing honestly interested, he smiled at me and looked into my eyes. I felt lucky and saw that not only his eyes where full of light but his whole face and beeing seemed to glow. And it struck me that i was ment to know this man, i felt in love, i felt deeply happy to have met him like it ment good fortune for my future and love and everything. I woke up baffled, for i can still recall every little detail, from the smell of the perfume to this mans eyes and hair and clothes, to the street and the nois, and the professional interest when he told me about his work, the little leaves of water mint in a quiet water over wich soft mist dwelled, the smell of them, as well as the love that poured out of his whole beeing, but most of all his eyes, what a fascinating dream this was.

  25. I dreamed i was laying beside my younger sister and noticed their was one light on in.the dark room. It was a lamp beside my sister she was on my left side resting her head on her shoulder with all her weight on her elbow. As i look over and up at her face her eyes pupil were changing and color. When it was snake eyes they were green. Maybe red with alot of black detail.And a golden brown ect. Their was no control.

  26. I dream, quite often, of taking my body apart by accident.
    Last night I dreamed I pulled my left eye out. Immediately upon doing so I realized the depths of my decision. “Oh, yeah… Shouldn’t have done that.” I put it back in a very peculiar manner (like I thought if I got the veiny piece to touch, whatever it touches in my head, it would be ok). But how am I going to see out of my left eye? I severed it. How am I going to keep it from getting infected. I even thought I may just lie to people- like, “No. It’s cool. My eye is fine.”- but I was very aware of the absolute nothing on that side of my vision. I pulled it back out and wrapped it in some meaty like tissue and put it back in same as before. It stung but I could see a bit now from it. If I moved the wrong way it would hurt and my vision would go dark again.. But I could tell it was working.
    And I know people say you can’t or shouldn’t look at your eyes in the mirror [in a dream] but I did. I looked right into my eyes and as I did I slowly unsquinted the left eye and my vision returned.
    Idk. At least I have blue eyes.

  27. I had a dream about a baby. I was holding it in my arms and it had black eyes. It almost seemed alien-like and I can’t remember my emotion exactly. I remember the dream very vaguely but I think my sister was in the dream and I remember mentioning to her that I’ve seen this thing a couple of times. I think I was scared yet calm at the same time. Outta the blue I just got into bed with my sister and she said the baby or whatever it is would appear a certain number of times before it came to fetch me or something like that. My dreams are always mixed up and confusing but maybe someone could make sense of this.

  28. I had a dream of my gynecologist (he is also a far relative) with one eye and it was red. He was wearing a pair of sunglasses with one lens to cover it however it was showing its very bad condition. Please let me know what does this mean. thank you

  29. Hello. I was qondering if you could help me find out what my dream might mean. I was looking into a boys blue eyes and i kissed him.( i do not know the boy) He did not like his mother so i pressed her eyes in untill they bled. But did not make a popping sound I was afraid of hearing. It was a weird one. Thanks! :)

  30. I had a strange dreAm about my eyes last night. I saw my eyes in the mirror, i got something in it somewhat like contac lense. After i get that thing i saw small particles, dotted one. My eyes is blue in my dream. What is the meAning of it?

  31. I had a strange dream about being inside a random building. I was with someone but dont remember who it was i think it was my bestfriend but cant really remember. I decided to leave this building but then a tall blonde hair old woman stopped me and asked me to go to go back to her room. This women had no pupils or irises and her eyes were very small and beady looking. After noticing her eyes in my dream i felt like i was being knocked out and my vision became very blurry. So yea what daffuq is that meant to mean.

  32. I had a dream where an attractive girl with maybe an 80s hairstyle, long hair slender, but in her thirties, maybe 40 at most, just appearred and began trying to hug me, hold me and was playfully agressive. When I looked at her, as I normally tend to look at someone, I looked at her right eye. It was blue, and I looked to the left eye and there was no eye, only smooth skin. I then looked up to the left side of her forehead and her left eye was just to the left of the center of her forehead up ner her hair line. It kinda freaked me out, but she was still hugging and wanting to kiss. I could not look at her and I started laughing and trying to squirm away similar to what the cat and the skunk were like on Pepe Le Pew, the old bugs bunny cartoon. When I first saw her complete image, I realized in my dream that I had an encounter of some sort with her in the past, at least that is how it felt. I was not scared. She was affectionate and I was laughing, trying to squirm away. I woke up, never opened my eyes, and went back to sleep.. any ideas??

  33. I had a dream lastnight that I was in school (I work in a college however it was unclear as to whether I was at work or still a student).
    In the dream I am going about things as normal but can feel a bit of an irritation in my left eye. As it isn’t that painful, I go other to use the bathroom and walk past the mirror and was shocked to see that my eye was turning blue, not just my iris but even the white area of the bottom part of my eye too. The dream ended with a work mate rushing me to the hospital. Not sure what it all means, I dream a lot but it was the first time I had ever had a dream like that.

  34. I dreamt that the pupil in my right eye was draining out. I ran to the doctor and she said it was trauma do to pressure as if I hit my eye but I didn’t. I woke up and my right eye was hurting alnost like a migraine.

  35. I had a dream last night that I felt something wrong with my eyes, So went to my mom’s room, to look at my eye in her mirror. When I got there, I found that my right eye was completely white. This scared me, but mom said it was no big deal, which I knew was wrong, meanwhile, my right eye kept changing from white back to normal, except that when it was back to normal, it had a black rim really close to my iris. I don’t know if it has anything to do with the really bad fight with my sister though.

  36. I had a dream where I was driving through a city with my parents, talking to my dad, and my mom gasped when I looked at her. She told me to look in the mirror at my eyes. I did and noticed that part of both irises were still brown and the rest of the iris was clear. You couldn’t see through to the inside of the eye, but there was a definite lack of color and shading. I thought it was pretty cool until she told me it meant I had a genetic disorder that signifies I’m really a transgender person (not that I have anything whatsoever against them), and she made me cry in the dream. I’ve never really dreamed so specifically about my eyes before, and I can find a lot about eyes changing from one color to another but not going clear. Interpretations?

  37. I’ve had multiple nights in a row where I’ve had the same dream. I only remember one part of the dream each time I have it. My dream is that I’m standing in front of a mirror, it’s always the mirror of the bathroom of the place that I’m sleeping at in real life. So in the dream I’m standing I front of the sink and mirror, leaning in close and looking at my own eyes. I then pull out keys or a knife, and start to dig out my cornea and retina. It’s either with a Swiss Army knife or my own car key. I’ve had this dream about 4 times now. Each time I’m only hurting my left eye.

  38. i dreamed i was a small boy around 8 or so this car pulls up and this man in a suit steps out he has no face he come after me he wonts my eyes i run into the house lock the door go to the kitchien and
    he is already there iam pulling on the screan door try destpertly to keep him out my family pulls up it is raining my dad gets out of the car i sceam to him for help he hollor at the man like he knows him he calls him scott he turns from me then i run to the house next door my friend hides me then i wake up i did not know any of these people in my dream and iam a girl in real life but in my dream i was a small boy and the man with out a fave his head was the shape of a egg and it was has if was cvered with white cloth that molded to his face and he said he wonted my eyes

  39. My dream was a small scene where when i was taking my contact lens off, apparently my iris also came off too, it was like it was ripped because it was fused with my contacts. The thing is i could still see, but where my iris was supposed to be, it was like white. This happened with both eyes. Idk what it means, but it was weird.

    • Hey there,

      My name is Roger James. I’m 27 years old. i just had the exact same dream just now and woke up scared. Called my gf right away as we’re in a long distance relationship. I started searching online what was this dream all about? Wondering if you’ve found any answers.

      In my dream I saw that i was playing with a kid as i love kids to bits. This kid pucked on my face and i went to the washroom to wash up. I asked my younger brother amd parents to help me wash-up but no one did. Somehow i washup and while taking of my lences my iris came out too all it was jus white. I came out of the washroom and asking everyone to help me as i couldn’t see from my right eye but no one would help me and said everything is fine, and there’s nothing wrong wit me. I was scared and crying and just woke up all of a sudden.

      I’m still gona search online for some answers.


      Best Regards,
      Roger James.

  40. I had a dream about my little red pig. It is a bank for my coins. In my dream my girlfriend took the money out of my pig and cut out its eyes. In the dream she pointed it at me so I could see the cut out eyes and then she began to laugh, horrible laughter..