Fire dream meanings

Dreaming about something is on fire symbolizes situations or relations by which you are engrossed. Your mind and attention is fully occupied. It might be a strong passionate emotions or prolonged intensive obsessions. Maybe you are bothered with uncontrollable persistence of some idea. Or it could be some person who is bothering you.

Fire is mostly seen as a symbol of anger. Also, it represents some combination of difficult circumstances in waking life that is mentally painful and very hard to accept. Do you feel intense bitterness currently in your life? Or maybe there is a situation that goes far away from what you have expected.

Anything what is being on fire could represent the complete loss of something. Fire stands for destruction. And that destruction occurs because of some problem in life has gotten out of control. In other hand, dream of fire may indicate your personal fear of possible knowledge about losing something very precious to you. The more fire you see – the more control you have lost in relation to the control of a loss. Alternatively, fire dream mean destructive impulses, ground breaking jealousy or hard reaching emotionally intense reactions that is taking over a logical mind.

To dream of a house on fire symbolizes a loss of solid clear thinking. Maybe your mind-set has changed recently due to personal experience that was not expected. Additionally, fire in a house might show that security and safety being lost because of not giving careful attention and doing some mistakes. In your waking life might be some huge problems that are destructive and consume everything in its way until all become lost. Alternatively, house fire means enormously strong feelings which control you more than it should be. That makes you weaker and eventually those emotions totally overrun your clear thinking. But if a house in the fire dream becomes rebuilt after all devastating fire, it may represent you will rise like the Phoenix from the ashes. You will recover from serious troubles or unavoidable crisis.

Dreaming of starting fire on various things denotes your deep desire for doing damage to something. Maybe you have a wish for complete destruction in some aspects of your life. It could be a situation or a person, which you want to get rid of. Alternatively, it could represent lack of success in your dealings. Maybe you had a failure and it shows up in dream of setting fire.  In other hand, you might be in a situation which puts you in position where you have to start a problem. Anyway, it shows that you might be doing intentionally some troubles. Also, setting fire dream could mean your burning desire to start something new.

Dream of city on fire could symbolize social connections that are being damaged or completely destroyed because of strong enough emotions to be out of your control. Some relationship might look like being eliminated from your waking life forever.

To dream of an evil alive fire, it could be a monster or a demon, feeling like nightmare, means something very horrible has been experienced physically or mentally. It shows that some troubled situations gives for you very terrible feeling and seems like to be intentionally out here to destroy you.

Fire dreams also can be a reflection of our agitation that something is going to burn. It shows our anxieties about fire safety. Dreaming about fire is very common to people who have been touched by fire, have some burnings or have experienced trauma from a fire just seeing something burning. Mostly after seeing serious fire in waking life, the dream of the fire will visit you soon.

To rescue people from burning buildings in a dream means our ability to solve problems and to help others. Also, it represent that we are able to receive good outcomes of any bad situation. Something is going to change and will give a lot of joy.

As prognostication, fire dream might be very helpful to keep in order with requirements of fire safety. Try to install smoke detectors and other devices, like fire extinguisher in your home.

Sometimes we dream what is going around us in waking life while we are asleep, so the fire could be induced by external and internal stimulus. Smell of the smokes, the sounds of burning fire or a memory about forgetting to turn some electrical device of also can be the reasons of dream about fire. Those can be seen as external stimulus. For internal stimulus, increased body temperature or some issues with health of the heart can be the reasons of fire dream.

Children may have nightmares about fire if they have anxiety of fire or fire safety drills. Also, for those kids who witnessed a serious fire, the fire dream might rise in sleep.

Spiritually dreams of fire could reflect constant anxiety of eternal after death punishment. It also might show that the dreamer is feeling guilty and has powerful tendency to be very punishable personally with moral issues. Alternatively, fire dream can mean spiritual re-birth since it is devastating natural power after which something new must come.

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