Fire dream meanings

Fire represents intense desire and destructive anger. But it also means process of change and renewal.

If you dream of being caught in a fire, the renewal and changing will be troublesome. It will be followed by huge amount of passion to reinstate something new and anger because of difficulties to do so.

To dream of warming fire, which isn’t dangerous, and does not feel any fear, but just positive feelings, then it has such symbolic significance that any transition in which you are will come with great success. It means that positive and fast outcomes will come soon in the renewal process. Also, it is a symbol of the realization of spiritual understanding. You are going to reach within you an illuminating positive energy. All of the spiritual powers are giving you support for successful transformation.

Dreaming of being burned by fire means that your emotional condition is out of control and you have tendency to anger. Also, it is a reminder that your temper can be managed better. Alternatively, burning by fire dream means that some issue or situation makes your worried and is burning you up inside.

Dream of burning house symbolizes sexual desire or loving friends. Alternatively, house on fire means ground breaking situation in waking life.

To dream that are putting out a fire, means that your success is inevitable and that your will win against any obstacles in your waking life. But it also means that huge efforts will be needed. To put out a fire means to put you on for enormous work.

Raining fire dream means anxiety for change and transition to new phase of waking life.

To dream of building a fire in a fireplace means loving partner at home. To build a fireplace at a campsite, means romantic adventure with stranger.

If you dreamed that someone was breathing fire at you, then such fire indicates an assault on your personality. You might be in stress and need to defend even if it looks like being unfair. The more fire – the more vulnerable and mistreated you may feel.

To dream that you put out a fire, signifies that you will overcome your obstacles in your life through much work and effort.

To dream of setting fire on a building or house or anything valuable, means that you have a wish for a change in your waking life’s environment. Alternatively, it means that your temper is out of your control. You need to learn how to control it better otherwise be prepared for results that have solid importance. Consequences can be very dangerous.

To dream of a bonfire means that you’re lost and looking for new path. If the bonfire is huge and shining very bright, then a success will be reached if a different goal will be set.

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