Greeting dream meanings

General Meanings:

Positive person If you are greeted in a dream and this greeting is pleasant and makes you happy, then the dream confirms that you are open-minded, unbiased and ready to implement new projects or to take on new challenges.

Warning If you were unhappy and unpleasant for greetings then you have to look around you in order to avoid problem, because there are lots of negative and envious people.

Psychological Meanings:

Love and self confidence or low self-respect Someone is greeting you in order to make contact. The situation in this dream needs you special attention who you are greeted and how this greeting expires. You were “warmly welcomed” and were “accepted by the environment”, then you will be a welcome guest at people who you love or need. You had a disappointment because of greeting and felt too little attention or excluded from a community in the dream, then this dream shows that your self-esteem really needs of improvement. You have to trust yourself more and do not be afraid to make a contact!

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Good news if see greeting – In the dream you were greeted by someone, then this dream announces that you will have an important visit or wonderful news from your closest friends or family members;
  • Unpleasant news if get a greeting from a person you do not like – From the person that you do not like you gt a greeting then this dream signifies that you will have an unpleasant visit or unfavorable news;
  • Happy time if be greeted by children – This dream denotes that in the near future you will have happy event in family life.

* Please, see meaning of handshake.

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