Heavy rain dream meanings

Heavy rain dream symbolizes divine purification that falls directly from the Sky. Dreaming it means that you have received abnormal amount of energy for growth. Your physical abilities, knowledge and spiritual skills are ready to be executed in full power. It shows that now you are able to compete with top most influential competitors in your life. As results of it your dream of dense rain foretells forthcoming success. Soon enough you will be happier than you are now.

On other hand, large amount of rain drops shows that there is plenty of water to cleanse. It can mean that dense emotions are weighing a lot and these feelings need to be released. Heavy rain dream is here to help you to let it go. Something what has bothered you will be eliminated.

Alternatively, storm, strong wind, heavy rain and violent weather indicate harsh surroundings in waking life. It can be that there is something what treats you not very well. It makes a huge problem. But rain also brings renewal and rebirth. As prognostication this dream foreshadows bright future and you can be sure that better days a not far away.

Finally, rain represents life. So, it augurs also that you might receive birth in waking life.

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