Ice dream meanings


A rigid emotional condition; To become ice.


What emotions are trapped in me, or where am I ready to defrost?

General Meanings:

Emotion Coldness If ice makes a subject to discuss in a dream, then it turns to the dreamer’s feelings. He is conscious of that, that he shows more cold because it is good for him, but he brings and holds every emotion of warmth and compassion in silence. The result is isolation and loneliness.  According to other accompanying circumstances, it points perhaps to general poverty of emotion or cooling of feelings for certain persons. Besides, ice is still traditionally interpreted as follows:

  • Go on Ice, fling or fall warns about speculations which will end with failures and losses because they are too risky; You should consider and pay attention to this note that comes from unconscious.
  • See Ice in summer often suggests that an intention or a project doesn’t stand under favorable rating and should be abandoned.
  • Eating Ice announces an adventure after which you will have “stomach aches” and this will run dangerously.

Psychological Meanings:

Danger The ice in the dream is always a danger symbol. It appears in a lot of different forms, for example, as an ice cover on rivers and seas, lakes. If the dreamer breaks the ice or floats on the floe in a river or in the sea, the psyche indicates red light.

Ice wall and Coldness with others It is also a representation of stiffness and roughness which touches the fact that the dreamer does not understand what happens around him, and he creates conditions in which other people cannot get in contact with him.

Worries or Frozen feelings The feeling is frozen too excessively, threats about solitude and various troubles. The fear of freezing of close relations is implemented on the waking life. The existential fear, the complex not to get ahead can break into financial or erotic terms.

Spiritual Meanings:

At the spiritual level ice symbolizes a part of self which is frozen and must be thawed, then the progress is possible.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • No prospects if see ice – In the dream you see an ice, means that you are too stagnant to make a progress;
  • Damage caused by friends if floating ice in a clear water – The dream announces that your luck will be destroyed by grumpy and envious friends;
  • Investigation if see an iceberg – The iceberg indicates that you should investigate your subconscious, the rest of the mountain which lies hidden under the surface of the water;
  • Sadness if ice-skating – The dream means disappointment in the love;
  • Useless start if see in summer – In the dream you see an ice when it is summer, marks that your undertaking is pointless;
  • Disappointment if slide on it – When you slide on the ice, brings you deceived love and defeated hopes;
  • Brave if go on thin – The dream shows that you are brave as you walk on thin ice.Your activities that you started to do are very daring;
  • Risky pleasure if go for a walk – Warns you that your respect, comfort and prestige can be put at risk for fleeting pleasure;
  • Barriers if see snow – Where ever you go you will meet the obstacles of all kinds. It is not your time;
  • Bad luck if slip on it – You slip on the ice signifies that already visible success will change at the last moment will run into bad luck;
  • Accident if slip on it and fall down – The dream tells about an accident;
  • Fear to show yourself if break – When you break the ice in you dream, shows that you are afraid to stand out, and also you have to put up with a lot of fear; You have to dispose hostile people from your surroundings;
  • Troubles in love affairs if frost flowers see in the windows – The frost flowers threaten annoyance in the love. Also shows that your feelings will cool down;

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • It is not the right place if see ice in the summer – This dream warns that it is not a very good place to start your business;
  • Risk if go on ice – You are going on ice in your dream shows that the speculation and endeavors are risky at this time;
  • Warning if melting – The dream shows that you walk on dangerous paths and roads you have to be careful that you will not suffer from damage.

Arabian (Islamic)

Ice has much worse meaning than snow and hail. The horrible meaning of the ice is applied to each.

  • Worries if the water at the site is frozen – In the dream you see frozen water announces troubles, dejection, misery and harvest failure according to the ice cold with whom you have to endure;
  • To live with sorrow if see  – In the dream you see ice signifies that in winter the sorrow, problems will become more bearable. But in summer, it will be more difficult and harder to survive with these problems.
  • Losses if see ice in your house – In the dream you see icy somewhere in your house, this means misery, shame and loss of what you had;
  • Warning if see or go on it – The dream is a sign that you have to be careful, so that to you can avoid an accident;
  • Disturbance if break and sink – When you break the ice and sink in the dream, denotes that your hopes are thwarted.

* Please, see meaning of breaking in, freezing, frozen, slide, skates, candy, water.

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