Icicle dream meanings

General Meanings:

Suppressed desires Icicles can stand for fixed and strong feelings that may start to lose strength. Sometimes this dream symbol is interpreted as a symbol of decreasing or suppressed sexual desire (especially for males). For women – icicles sometimes occur for the reason for the cooled down and relax for erotic relations.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Visit if see icicle – The icicle in the dream tells us that soon you will have a visit;
  • Anger because of love if see on the roofs – Means that you will have sickness because of love;
  • Poor health if see icicles on gutters – This dream is a sign that you will have lack of comfort and this may cause your poor health and tiredness;
  • Suffer if see at the fence – The symbol of icicles on a fence, this prophesies sufferings of body and mind;
  • Good future if icicles on evergreen – This means a bright future for you, but you have not to make dubious decisions;
  • Marriage if see one icicle – For women this dream announces marriage and happy family;
  • Good period of life if falling of trees – The unhappiness and bad luck will soon disappear from your life.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Love is coming if see icicles – The dream signifies that the great love is still not awaken, but soon you will meet your soul mate;
  • Happiness if falling icicles – The falling icicles in the dream announce that all the worries will disappear from your life and it will be the time of joy and happiness.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Lost love if see -This is a sign that your love has gone cold;
  • Joy if hanging icicles – This dream symbol will bring you luck and joy;
  • Better days if melting icicles – This dream signifies that all your worries and difficulties are melting, soon you will have better life;
  • Happiness if long icicle – In the dream to see a long or huge icicle, this is a sign of great days, good prospects in your life.

* Please, see meaning of ice.

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