Leave (abandon) dream meanings


Isolation; Leaving an old self; Liberation from the control of the old self.


Which part of me am I ready to leave behind?

General Meanings:

Fear to be rejected In the dream the abandonment may stand for the feeling of not being wanted or to be rejected, in the most cases the experience from the past. The feeling of abandonment indicates your own loneliness which one you have to break and to meet new people.

New you When you dream of being abandoned, it means that you have to forget your past and focus on your future. The meaning of this dream shows, that you have a fear of being wasted, left alone of the ones you love.

Recovery after painful experience The meaning of a dream when you are abandoned, this might mean that you’re suffering from recent lost or you are afraid to loose someone you love. The fear of abandonment might mean that you are getting better already, from what you’ve suffered before and are moving forward in your life.

Psychological Meanings:

Need of freedom In the dream, abandonment can mean that the dreamer looks and seeks for freedom or relaxation. It may be the emotional freedom or even the wish to express yourself freely without any borders.

Spiritual Meanings:

At the spiritual level, the abandonment as a dream symbol embodies the fear of separation.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Damaged happiness if feel abandoned – In the dream you feel abandoned then this dream marks that small joys of life and pleasures of love are destroyed;
  • Difficulties if be an abandoned person – You became an abandoned person in your dream, then in your real life you will have some difficulties and barriers while building your own foundations of success and happiness;
  • Troubles if leave someone – When you leave other or already left in the dream, then you may expect that you will have some unfavorable conditions or events in near future and this will make some worries;
  • Anxiety if leave your own house – To dream of leaving your own house this is a sign that you will have concerns and anxiety because you make risky things and you play with luck;
  • Lost things if your lover left you – The dearest or the lover left you in the dream, then this means that you will not get back your lost valuables, and the friends will turn away from you;
  • Troubles if leave your faith – To leave the faith and stop believing in God in the dream announces that you will have problems and worries;
  • Loss if leave your children – In the dream you leave your own children, then this is a sign that you will lose your property because of lost calmness and discernment;
  • Quarrels if abandon and give up with your business – The dream denotes sad circumstances which will bring quarrels, disputes and suspicions of everybody around you;
  • Lost property if leave a ship – In the dream you or your friend are leaving a ship then this announces that you may lose some money or property, but if you reach the coast, the interests will be safeguarded and protected.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • True friends if be abandoned – You are abandoned person in the dream then this dream marks that in your real life you have faithful, loyal and true friends;
  • Insulted friend if your friend leave you – When you dream that your friend is leaving you then , this means that you hurt them and feel that he/she is moving away from you.

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  1. I had a dream that me and a boy*boy is real* liked eachother but we couldn’t admit it *from some reason we was in a stadium/big store*So he pulled me somewhere so he came tell me something he said that he had family problems and that he may have to leave so I pushed him and said that”you can’t leave alone please don’t” he said that i have don’t a chose,we both cryed and so he walk away I tried to solve the problem so that he would have to leave but it didn’t work*LATER*I bumped into one of my friends and she showed me a picture of other people and the boy because we was doing a play and I started to cry hard again and then i wake up crying saying to my self why everyone i love leaves me?

  2. I dreamed that my best friend left me. She just come back from a trip. But my dream was really short. It was like. I turned around and she had her suitcase. I’m pretty sure she was leaving because I felt sad. Then I turned back around to all these people. There was a lot going on in,y dream but my friend with her suitcase really stood out. Please tell me what this means.

  3. I had a dream that I was at the park with family members but I was so desperate to go to the cemetery and then as we get to the cemetery I start seeing people I love (family and girlfriend) but I called them and they walk away from me and no matter what I do they keep walking away then I fall into a tomb and the people I was chasing come and look at me but no one would help and then they dissaper. Can anyone tell me what this means?

  4. Would you interpret this asap worrisome Christian I rally need someone to interpret asap think it’s christian dream:
    Dreamt I was with my sister and mom in a house I never saw in my life…in a big room, have my cats with us. There came a cobra blue and green an silver… Head and neck blue.. This thing lifted up half of his body as if it wanted to spit…and sailed and went near my sister who sat on the floor I saw it and said to her to come slowly and not to look at it lifted her up and when out of reach of the snake ripped her away then I got it out of the house it sailed out of a hole in the wall yes this is a big but old house seeing as we are not rich it’s quite logical that we stay in such a house we went outside and I looked for it but couldn’t see it. Me and my sister went to a shop and asked them (by the way I was speaking its “friends that work there” but I don’t know them at this moment. I asked them if they know what kind of cobra that was because I have never seen one like that… While talking an sms came through to my sister’s phone from my mom and I got distracted while walking like automatically to not even thinking… I heard people screaming “fire… And the firebregade is here… Saw red flamelike balls in the sky and some falling.. And then I started running (which I can’t really do I saw people trying to kill fires which looked like on the water??? It was night… And I clapped my hands ironically… I walked on and started swimming I was walking again to the house said “God loves us a lot of times” and at the house saw windows peeling like plastic when on fire and the walls on fire I saw my mom on the second story heard her scream somthing to me I tried screaming back “I’m coming mom I’m coming but I think she couldn’t hear me sounded like a roar was going on…still in the house my mom dissappeared from my view. I then woke up… Dazed did not know what to do so I went onto this site and asked you what you think