Letter dream meanings

General Meanings:

In a dream it is important how one reacts to the mail or a letter. The reaction may be that one has taken it with the deep breath, frustrated or even with anxiety. How one opened the letter in the dream, the reaction already describes:

  • If you take a letter hastily or carefully, or did one put it first aside and did not want to open it for this moment at all? The dream has something in life that needs attention.
  • If he puts a letter aside, this means that the dreamer feels that his problems do not grow anymore. This points that the dreamer contributes a decision. It can be that the dreamer in the real life waits for the result of an exam or an application.
  • If you get unexpected letter with the answer, this may be interpreted in two ways: the dreamer can expect pure fulfillment of wishes, or instill a confidence if you are convinced to have given the best.
  • If write a letter yourself in the dream, then this is an indication that you want to come in contact with someone.

Psychological Meanings:

The letter is absolutely applied as a symbol of communication. Letters can symbolize self-knowledge, insight and perception. Traditionally they are interpreted as unfavorable or unpleasant, just a letter that informs about someone’s death can stand for good news.

Problems connected with the sender The dreamer received a letter in his dream, he has to realize that he has problems, which are associated with the sender. Maybe he has died and there are still unresolved problems or unexplained situations that have to do with this person.

Hidden important information If the dreamer himself sends a letter, he is holding an information that might be important for the recipient. A letter in the dream which content is hidden, shows that information is kept from him. Occasionally the letter points to the poverty and low emotional contact of the dreamer.

Spiritual Meanings:

Hidden knowledge is more easily acceptable if an understanding process walks at the head.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • In general a letter – Almost always represent problems, signs of something unexpected;
  • Worries if send yourself a letter – The dream signifies that you must reckon with unexpected difficulties, but they will not cause you real loss;
  • News if get, receive a letter – The dream marks that you will get unpleasant news which will change your attitude to certain person;
  • Warning if personally handed –  The warning that you do not have to be so generous with your lover or friend, this may be that he/she is dishonest with you;
  • Old friend if get a letter from friend – You repeatedly dream that you get a letter from a friend means that he/she will arrive soon or get in touch with you;
  • Destroyed relation if get registered mail (certified mail) – Signifies that old connections or relations will be destroyed because of differences when dealing with money;
  • Doubtful offer if a young woman gets registered mail (certified mail) – This symbol stands for a offer which is either legally or morally questionable. A registered letter can also indicate a lack of quality or attractiveness which bothers her.
  • Pay more attention to the loved one if get certified mail (registered letter) – For lovers this dream promises that you will have a premonition of problems in your relationship. You have to work with them if you want to keep these relations.
  • Be careful if received an anonymous letter – The warning that you have to be aware because you will be attacked from an unexpected direction and position;
  • Jealous if write an anonymous letter – Shows that you are jealous of a rival who estimates more power and has more abilities than yourself;
  • Worries if get a letter with bad news – As the letter brings you bad news, so the life will bring you difficulties or disease;
  • Be thankful if letters with good news – This dream marks that you have to be thankful for many things that happen in your life;
  • Changes if get love letter – This dream will bring you bad news, which will change your attitude and even positions;
  • Insult if get love letters on a green or colored paper – The dream shows that you will have professional or personal insults. Also signifies that despondency will come upon you;
  • Suffer if sorrow letter or letters with a black border – This dream symbol stands for suffering or death of a relative;
  • Bad decision if write a letter – This dream announces you  not so good future. Because you have made a hasty conviction and you will regret later. This also shows that you are too preoccupied with yourself;
  • Fondness if a letter with blue ink – This dream represents continuity of happiness and the affection of others;
  • Estrangement if red color in a letter – Predict alienation because of suspicion and jealousy, but you can avoid this by skillful acting against the other side;
  • Worries if a letter with white ink on black paper – This announces grief and disappointment, the intervention of friends will alleviate the pain only a little. If this letter from one spouse to the other, both will be separated because of big quarrel;
  • Flirt if a young woman gets a letter from her lover and pushes it to the heart – Means that she will keep an eye on another handsome man. Honesty is punished with jealousy;
  • Worries if can not read the letter – This dream announces that you will suffer loss of business or have personal problems;
  • Be aware of enemies if the letter is intercepted by someone – The dream is a warning that your enemies are working to defame you;
  • Doubtfulness if hide a letter from a lover or a spouse – The meaning is that you are dealing with questionable things;
  • The trust of others if read – You are reading a letter in your dream, then you have confidence of others. People opened their hearts to you;
  • Keep secrets if seal – The dream wants to show you that you have to keep secrets because people trust you;
  • Gain if send letter through post – This dream announces that you will get financial benefit and improve your life;
  • Unique abilities if see an unread letter – In the dream you see an unread letter, this shows that you have to use your hidden and unique abilities if you want to achieve your goals;
  • Save reputation if a torn letter – Means that your own reputation can be ruined because of coarse mistakes or blunders.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Ignoring news if see closed letter – This means that you are ignoring very important or very painful information;
  • Deception if receive a letter by a courier – Means that you will be deceived, you have to pay attention to all the details;
  • Suffer if hiding a letter – This dream shows that you are suffer from stupid intrigue. Also you are hiding your difficulties from the others;
  • Buried past if tear up a letter – You have destroyed your past mistakes and now you can start everything from the beginning.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Changes in life if receive a letter – This dream announces that you will get good news which will change your life;
  • Earnings if received money in the letter – Very good omen, this will bring you big money income;
  • Good news if write – This dream announces that you will receive interesting news and you can use them for good purposes;
  • Trust if read -Reading a letter in the dream signifies that people see in you a great confidence;
  • Marriage if find – When you find a letter in the dream, this shows that you have already found your love or this may be that he/she is near your door and soon you will meet him/her. You will happily marry him/her;
  • Bad news if lose – You can not find the letter, you have lost it, then this means that you will get bad news;
  • Be aware if burn – In the dream you are burning a letter, marks that you are too careless about the things that happen around you. you have to be aware, because people can use your inattentiveness;
  • Defamation if tear to pieces or shreds the letter - Such dream signifies that you will have slander because of bad and angry people;
  • Keep secrets if affix a seal – The symbol shows that secrets may not be betrayed you have to hide this important information;
  • Bad news if letter with black seal – In the dream you see a letter with black seal (emblem), this announces distressing and sad news. Also you will feel sorrow because of death or the departure of the loved one.

Contexts’ Meanings:

Receive or get a letter (mail) – The letter as a message may be from you unconscious that tries to give you a message about your behavior or your attitude. Also the letter points to changes in your life, new opportunities. You will get good news that will help you to improve your life or relations.

Writing a letter – This shows that you want to make contacts with someone. This also very important to whom the letter is written. If you write it to your loved person, shows that you want to become even more closer with him/her. If writing to a person you know, means that you have unsolved problems with him/her. And you want to get the answer and to deal with the worries.

* Please, see meaning of address, letter carrier, notebooks, paper, mail carrier, telegram.

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