Mastiff dream meanings

General Meanings:

Real friendship Great dane (dog) or mastiff can display awesome power that we have to restrain better. Also the dream symbol of mastiff  may stand as a particularly good close and trustful friends.

Betrayal When you are attacked or bitten by the mastiff then you will probably experience a disappointment by a good friend, which we thought was very loyal and honest.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • True friends if see mastiff – In a dream you see a mastiff then this dream marks that you have got good friends who love, protect and support you in any period of life;
  • Troubles if see mastiff and be afraid of it – When in the dream a mastiff appeared and you are afraid of it, then this may indicates that you will have problems to rise above mediocrity because of the aggressive behavior;
  • Betray if be bitten by a mastiff – This dream marks that you will be betrayed by one of the best friends and this will bring lots of damage for you;
  • Good husband if woman – For a woman this dream promises a wise and faithful husband.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Good way if see a mastiff – The dream gives you a sign that you have to stay on the right path and you will reach your goals;
  • No love if be bitten by mastiff – You were bitten in the dream by a mastiff then this indicates that you will not have any satisfaction of love.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • True friends if have or see a mastiff – When you have a mastiff in your dream, then this means that you will attain good friends;
  • Warning if be threatened by a mastiff – You are threatened by a mastiff in the dream, then you have to beware of a hot-tempered man because you he may hurt you;
  • False friends if be bitten by a mastiff – In the dream you were bitten by a mastiff, then false friends will hurt you and will make damage for you.

* Please, see meaning of dog.

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  1. I dreamt a huge mastiff, just seated down and has a very friendly look. I was very attracted to it and so I approached it. I put my hands forward and it took my hand in his mouth…not biting just holding it in his mouth. Then nudged me to pet him on the neck. Anyone knows the meaning of this dream?

  2. The dog was in my neighborhood going from house to house and scaring people he came to my house andhiis owner was in there and he layed on h and we was staring at each other and he was saying go the whole time

  3. It was a strong healthy dog scaring everyone in my neighborhood and going in every house when he got to my house he went to a male and he was said saying go the whole time he played on his master and we was staring at each other.