Grocery store dream meanings

Short meaning: the dreams of grocery store can argue contentment, case and fellowship.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Sigmund Freud explanation of this dream about grocery store presages liberated jazz, effeminate sexual desire, style and influence.
Favourable renewings are ahead in life : grocery store - This dream stands for supremacy and being a frontrunning person. However, if it was bad dream then a dream may spell contra explanation: somebody might be illusory or wicked toward you.
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  • Drugstore - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Want to make happy if see drugstore – The drugstore in a dream then this indicates that you want to please someone and you will do this successfully; Your future if work in drugstore – You are dreaming that you are working in drugstore then this announces about prospects for future employment; Idea if buy in drugstore something – You bought something in the drugstore in your dream, then this signifies that you will get a good idea which will bring you property.... (read more)
  • Storeroom - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Be careful if see storeroom – You shouldn’t steal or misappropriate anything what is not yours, so be careful otherwise you will damage your reputation. Hindu (Hinduism) Not yours if be in storeroom – In your dream you are i the storeroom, then this dream denotes that you have something that belongs to someone else. Arabian (Islamic) Be honest if see storeroom – The storeroom in the dream is a sign that you have to use your own ideas and thoughts. Please, see meaning of house fire.... (read more)
  • Bookstore / bookshop - Association: Current information, available knowledge. Question: What information do I search? Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) No joy if enter into bookstore – In your dream you entered into bookshop so this means that literary ambitions can not be brought into line with the work, this will not bring any satisfaction.... (read more)
  • Department store - Psychological Meanings: Somebody who walks in a department store in the dream, walking around and looking for an undecided items then in the real life the dreamer is not quite sure what he wants and desires. It is very important to pay attention to the numbers on the price tags, and what do you buy, in order to find the interpretation of the dream. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Difficult to choose if be in the shop -To dream of being and walking in the department shop and do not buy anything then this indicates that for you it is difficult to make... (read more)
  • Driving into water - ...stored or flows, such dream is always the positive resolution. As soon as it exceeds its limits, flooding the area or overflowing onto land, it indicates danger that has to be interpreted from other symbols. Clear water has luck, but murky, cloudy or dark indicate an unfortunate turn in life. Water is also available for cleaning because it can cleanse the people of the inner and outer dirt through the day. It frees the baptizer to from his previous “sins”, also from those he has inherited from the family. In a dream to go into the water, means to begin something... (read more)
  • Water - ...water is hot, however, can be a sign of illness or a stressful, unbalanced lifestyle. Psychologically: The mythology as well as today’s evolutionary theory see the source of all life in the water. It is also for the preservation of the life of utmost importance, what gives to the water a maternal-feminine aspect. In the dream, the water is a symbol of the unconscious psychic energy. The symbol of the unconscious is life giver and sustainer of life. If the water is stored or flows, such dream always is the positive resolution. As soon as it exceeds its limits, flooding the... (read more)
  • Antiquarian/antiquary - ...position. This may point to the past and the future, their differences. Also this may show your wisdom and experience, the ability to use them in creating the future. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Inheritance if dream antiques store –  To dream an antiquarian things or antiques store, this dream means inheritance; New life if have antiquarian things – When you are dreaming that you have antiquarian things, this marks that you can use your wisdom and past experiences to create your new life; Accept new things if have and antiquarian furniture – This dream denotes that your attitude is outdated, you have to accept... (read more)
  • Cold - Association: Emotional coldness; fear of stagnation. Question: Where I can find the warmth? General Meanings: In dreams very often the emotions are converted into bodily sensations. Sometimes the dreamer is affected by by external stimulation, in this dream he is affected by cold, therefore in dream he feels cold. Mostly the dreams that are related to cold express the freeze that lies in you. It could be anything that stops you from moving forward. You might feel frozen, suppressed and unable to perform in your life, therefore can not make any decisions or plans for the future. The... (read more)
  • Blinded - General Meanings: Blindness warns about mindless or risky behavior in some kind of affairs. This may endanger or damage your respect and reputation. And later it will be very difficult to restore this. Traditional Meanings: Hindu (Hinduism) Stop and think again if become blinded – In the dream you were blinded, this dream announces that the disgrace will come to you, because you have started a big sin. You have to stop and to think – are you on the right way and do you make right decisions. * Please, see meaning of blind.... (read more)
  • Attic - Association: Higher consciousness, memory, stored past. Question: What’s “up there” that I want to take as my own? Why I am afraid to explore ? General Meanings: Use your experience In the attic we mostly keep things that are old or you do not even need. In the dream the attic refers to memories and old feelings. Maybe the dreamer has to deal with his past or to use his past experience. Also this dream may show that may be there are a lot of useful things. Psychological Meanings: Experience or new things The attic should be clean and tidy... (read more)
  • Fire (many authors) - promising something exciting and new. Perhaps… Fire Fire is favorable to the dreamer if he does not get burned. It brings continued prosperity to seamen and voyagers, as well as to those on land. Dreaming of seeing your home burning, denotes a loving companion, obedient children, and careful servants. For a business man Dreaming that his store… Fire To analyze our dreams with fire, we have to observe the form of flames. A devouring fire, opposite from brightening, symbolizes exalted passion. A small but well lit fire, with no smoke, represents desire and tenderness, our need of human warmth.... (read more)
  • Floppy disk - Association: Store of knowledge; vessel. Question: What information do I want to keep safe? General Meanings: The floppy disk as a dream symbol stands for keeping something important. This dream indicates that the dreamer wants to keep something really important and even useful for future.... (read more)
  • Vitamins - General Meanings: Good decisions If you dream that you took huge amounts of vitamin pills, then this dream wants to show something about your own health. This also marks that did good things for yourself and for others. Possibilities If you were in a health food store and tried to decide what to choose between the many vitamin supplements, then this probably indicates a wide range of possibilities for you in the real life. Psychological Meanings: Support The dreamer takes vitamins, then this denotes that he/she apparently is worried about his/her own health. Every person know that he/she does the best for himself and... (read more)
  • Yew (tree) - General Meanings: Yew symbolizes the grief and sadness. Only a few would recognize a yew, but the knowledge about the yew is stored in the unconscious mind of every person. Such a symbol shows that an instinctive knowledge can come to light. Psychological Meanings: Respect and Toxicity At this level the importance of the yew is extremely ambivalent: on the one hand, earlier their wood was high-estimated, because they could be processed into bows and crossbows; on the other hand, the yew distinguishes itself a toxicity which searches its equals. Spiritual Meanings: The extremely durable yew can symbolize spiritual immortality. Traditional Meanings:... (read more)
  • Nuclear weapon - Association: Destruction on a large amount. Question: What am I ready to quit? What kind of end do I afraid of? General Meanings: Warning The atomic bomb has really the major threat to the human’s health and his environment. This dream symbol occurs in the dream as a serious hazard symbol. Perhaps the dreamer has the anxiety about his personal life and he will not avoid painful consequences. Often this dream signifies that after bad experience the dreamer will have to restore his own energy in order to deal with all the worries. The atom bomb symbolizes the... (read more)
  • Accusation, Accuse (accused, accusing) - General Meanings: Guilt, worries and losses When you dream of being accused of something, this may be a sign of your own guilt. This dream also may show that you still don’t know what do you want from your life. You have to know what to choose and to start moving. If you accuse somebody else in the dream, this represents that you have worries with people are around you. If you are accused as thief in the dream, this dream announces you financial losses in the future. Psychological Meanings: Guiltiness The feeling of guilt or that you... (read more)
  • Mount - ...for next time. – The descent may indicate the end of an important sub-section in our lives, but also that we have finally made it and that now a more peaceful time ahead of us, perhaps to be solved but also by excessive targets, but not unavailable, or arrogance store. – The fire-spitting mountain (volcano) can simply warn about risks to before haughty plans and objectives. Psychoanalysts interpret it as well as a need, certain feelings, memories and other distressing emotional content to remove from life, then it may also be important to watch what will be ejected from the... (read more)
  • Damage - Association: Injury, loss. Question: What am I ready to restore or to replace? General Meanings: The damage as a dream symbol has a connection with negative feelings, such as aggression, anger, sorrow and etc.... (read more)
  • Rail transport - ...meanings: – A single pair of rails indicates that there is only one direction, while a plurality of signal tracks a larger selection range. – Indicates see railroad indicate intentions and plans that one will soon be tackled and sometimes it can be to the impending departure of a loved one point. – A train embodies plans, which you should not rush, but carry alone. – Shuts off the train, you will soon have to say goodbye to a loved one. – The locomotive represents the universal life energy, in the wagons store the experiences and adventures, the tracks represent... (read more)
  • Computer - ...the computer is an indication of the lack of human or represents personal communication. The computer in the dream may stand as old memories or stored information. Express more widely The dreamer sees his life too mechanically and narrow. The dreamer has to let his feelings more wider. Also this dream warns the dreamer before careerism. Some mistakes Computers operate mostly accurate and without mistakes, but when in the dream your computer shows the same error then you have to consider your life, plans or desires again. Spiritual Meanings: A computer as a dream symbol can symbolize spiritual impressions, it... (read more)
  • Stocks - Psychological Meanings: The dream of stocks is a symbol of fear of poverty, because you feel distrusted in the given situation. Somebody who is frequently filling and sorting his storeroom with supplies in the dream, then this may be a sign that he/she suffers from an incipient neurosis. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Difficult period if lack of stocks – The dream where you are lack of stocks then this dream may be a sign of poverty; Way of life if get many supplies – The dream announces a long journey of life where you will have to overcome all dangers... (read more)