Vitamins dream meanings

General Meanings:

Good decisions If you dream that you took huge amounts of vitamin pills, then this dream wants to show something about your own health. This also marks that did good things for yourself and for others.

Possibilities If you were in a health food store and tried to decide what to choose between the many vitamin supplements, then this probably indicates a wide range of possibilities for you in the real life.

Psychological Meanings:

Support The dreamer takes vitamins, then this denotes that he/she apparently is worried about his/her own health. Every person know that he/she does the best for himself and take as much as he/she can out of life. Perhaps the dreamer understood that there are always certain kind of help when you need it.

Spiritual Meanings:

Progress On a spiritual level, vitamins in the dream are an indication that the person recognizes higher vibrations as a prerequisite for his own further progress.

* Please, see meaning of drug.

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