See myself on mirror dream meanings

Short meaning: dreaming of see myself on mirror can augur quiet, fancy and favoritism.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Sigmund Freud understanding this dream about see myself on mirror embodies unregimented liveliness, womanish sexuality, imagination and prepollence.
Approving in the affirmative way renewals are happening in waking life when: see myself on mirror - Symbol of a dream foreshadows dominance and being a pacesetter. In another way, if this dream was with negative emotion then your dream can express vice versa implication: an important person can be mock and/or unreliable in regard to you.
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  • Driving into water - ...announces stormy times with worry and excitement; To see mirror image of yourself or others in the water warns of self-delusion, illusion or deception by others; Dreaming about walking on the water means that you have conquered a dangerous element. So you are safe with cruises. But besides that, happiness is predicted too. In marriage you will be happy. Processes you will win easily, because you can make good arguments. Especially walking in the dream is advantageous dream for politicians, as the water symbolizes the country’s population. Dreaming about drinking cold water has a good meaning. The dreamer lives in... (read more)
  • Water - water – there is a possibility of suffering from mild illness or disease; If the water looks stormy – will have to cope with difficult factors; If you were given water – it signifies long life; If you see water from the river – a huge income; To see water of the spring – good health; If a person carries water down the street – the failure will leave him forever. Egyptian Pharaoh’s dreambook: Dreaming of water meanings by Oracles of Egypt If the dreamer sees his face on the water, just like in the mirror, that’s a bad sign,... (read more)
  • Face - General Meanings: The mirror of the feelings The dream symbol of face appears in the dream when the dreamer is ready to face his real face, to understand himself better, to find the mistakes. The expression of the face can show the anxiety, sadness, worries or happiness of the dreamer. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Aspiration if healthy face – To dream a healthy face, announces good hopes; Success if see sympathetic face – This dream signifies that your actions will succeed; Joy if smiling face – This dream will bring you happiness in your life; Warning if angry and... (read more)
  • Eye - Association: Vision, awareness, clarity. Question: What am I aware of? How do I see the world? General Meanings: The ability to see the world with all the positive features The eye is an organ of light and consciousness. The mirror of the soul, the symbol shows mental state of the dreamer and his overall position on the future of events and development. Eye stands for alertness, curiosity, intelligence, intellectual interests and knowledge, but also for anxiety. There are further meanings that can be found in many ancient dream books: Blindness – points to spiritual and mental blindness. See well – the... (read more)
  • Break - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) damage if break something  – In a dream you broke something then this means that a defect will bring you a disadvantage; Illness if a link is broken – You notice that the link is broken then this may be a sign of a disease or you will have a painful loss; Lost money if break furniture – When you broke furniture in your dream, then this dream is a sign of loss of money; Death if broken mirror – The broken mirror in the dream indicates death.... (read more)
  • Camera - Association: Memories, pictures, past, experience, facts of distance. Question: How much I would like to be involved into something? What is real about me? General Meanings: The main function of the camera is it’s ability to capture the moment. It also represents the past and memories out of it. Usually when the dreamer uses the camera to capture the moment it represents his desire to hold on some things. Sometimes the dreamer is captured by somebody which means that everything he does have a mirror effect. Everything you do will come back to you, no matter good or bad... (read more)
  • Lion - Aggression and dis-control are inherent features of those who dream of lions. They find it hard to control themselves in critical situation. Spiritual Meanings: On the spiritual level, the lion in a dream symbolizes the power that must be tamed, otherwise it will get out of control. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) The lion is a symbol of strong power and force. The gain of power and influence if see a lion – such dream shows that you will obtain the power to control anything you want; Will have a very powerful enemy if see the lion in the freedom –... (read more)
  • Blink - Traditional Meanings: Arabian (Islamic) Illusion if blink – When you blink with the eyes (and see it in the mirror) in your dream then this marks delusions of all kinds you will not reach what you want; Wealth if see someone blinking – In your dream you see someone blinking then this announces you big profits or other benefits in near future.... (read more)
  • Catacombs - ...The fear of being recognized and found if hiding in catacombs – for a dreamer to see himself hiding away from somebody in catacombs, shows his fear of being sorted out; Have doubts if is lost in catacombs – usually when we are lost in a dream it is a mirror effect of the reality. Maybe there are things you find difficult to make decision at, especially at the aspects that are related to God and the religious state of the mind. As catacombs are made with religious reasons, such dream might show the lost contact with the God; Fear... (read more)
  • Islamic Water - the water flows in the house, it means exactly the reverse, i.e., joy for the landlord, be he alive or dead, till the end of time. • Some dreamers interpreters believe that running water in one’s house, emanating from a spring, means that the landlord or the tenant will buy a slave (in Arabic jariyah, a running one).58 • Seeing water springing out from various sources: Will earn money, but be blamed for the way that money was made. • Water foam or froth: Nothing good. • Seeing one’s image reflected in clear water like in a mirror: Excellent dream,... (read more)
  • Pallor - his own pale reflection then this stands for fear of a disease, or his own “desire” to take care for himself and to be pampered. Pallor is a typical dream for mental and physical exhaustion. This dream is a sign that it is time for you to relax and to take care of yourself more carefully. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Sign if see pale face of a friend – Extremely pale face of a friend in your dream announces that there is a risk of serious illness or possibly death for this people. * Please, see meaning of mirror.... (read more)
  • Baby / Babies - ...end you’ll be the winner and you’ll be awarded. – Harder and better: Breastfeed (syn. suckle, nurse) – to feed a baby with milk from the breast or to see in dream this process (someone else is feeding a baby), symbolizes same as carriage of baby (look up into part “Work and success”) exept one thing – you must be more responsible and perform your duty even harder and yet then, when you think it is unbearable or impossible to do or to finish. Just don’t quit, but finish what you have started and be a winner. “Try a little harder... (read more)
  • Tongue - ...a fruitful and creative aspect, which relates mainly to the spiritual level. Warning about problems French kisses or genital kisses do not necessarily have a sexual character in the dream. This means that the dreamer should take care of the problem with the person with whom he kisses in the dream. “The closed mouth catches no flies” If you see your own tongue in the mirror, the unconscious gives us the advice, rather to be silent in a certain situation, than to babble casually at it. Harm We see the tongue of someone else in the dream, we consider on... (read more)
  • Twins - Association: Work on the identity, Your own reflection. Question: How others see me? How do I reflect in a “mirror”? General Meanings: Different sides and a warning In the dream a pair of twins can stand for yourself, that you know this personally. Also this symbol represents two different sides of a thought or an idea. Twins warn about a serious mistake or an error. Which arise from the quiet specific circumstances of waking life. Psychological Meanings: Two contrary sides and exceed abilities When twins appear in the dream, so it means that you can not really make decisions in waking... (read more)
  • Time - ...therefore symbolizes the deliberate life in the waking state. If day elapse for a longer period of time in a dream, this means that events in the dream are not so much significant. – The time of day is connected in certain stages of life of the dreamer. However, it may be that only the numbers play a role (for that dream, please, see numbers interpretations). – Morning time in dream is the beginning of life and connected with earliest experiences. – The lunch time is the culmination of life, and the dreamer is fully aware of his talents and... (read more)
  • Image of you - ...can be good help and a good sign in deeper self-knowledge. Psychological Meanings: To correct the appearance of your own image in the dream then, this means that you are concerned about the extent of your own person. This dream denotes a strong, sometimes exaggerated search for the self. Very frequent dream of counterpart may be a sign of a serious personality disorder. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Warning if see your own image – Your own image in the dream stands as a warning against intemperance and displays immoral acts and intentions. * Please, see meaning of image, pictures, mirror, wasp.... (read more)
  • Gemstone - Association: Treasure; essence; Valuable. Question: What is valuable? What I have in myself as valuable? In general: Gemstone has the general meaning of jewelry. The rarely occurring mineral is often translated the focal point of a beautiful piece of jewelry. The core of our ego, which would radiate outward, the gemstone has excellent special features (such as clarity), and a certain fire, which may indicate the high investments of the dreamer in waking life. However, if a gem loses, probably the one point breaks out of his crown. The bigger and more sparkly the stone, the vain man. Depending... (read more)
  • Vacation - ...been on vacation, or take situations that you have experienced on holiday. Even if you see in a dream vacation acquaintances, you can interpret it under the aspect of the holiday if also the properties of this vacation acquaintances are of yourself  (subject function of the dream symbol). A holiday season – this are for most people nearly “holy” days. The dream symbol warns the dreamer about overwhelm its system. A few free days help to create space for new development. Spiritual Meanings: At this level vacation equals to spiritual “filling up” and means relaxation and rest. Traditional Meanings: European... (read more)