Sword fight dream meanings

Short meaning: the dreams about sword fight can allude to luxury, fidelity and introduction.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Carl Jung interpretation of this dream about sword fight stands for unallied air, womanhood libido, brilliance and qualification.
Reassuring amendments are about to become true in waking life if: sword fight - It indicates the fact of being preeminent. You are one step ahead of other. In different circumstances, if this dream was with negative emotion then this dream could prophesy contra content: a person of great significance may be roguish or ticklish in relation to you.
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  • Epee (sword) - be attentive because there is a danger near you; Fight with slander if fight with a sword – You are fighting with a sword against someone in your dream, then in your real life you will fight with gossip well; Damaged respect if epee is rusty – When the sward is rusty in the dream then this indicates about desecration of the honor. Hindu (Hinduism) Changes if see a sword – In the dream you see a sword then you may expect some changes in your life and this will not make any harm to you, because you will learn from it. Arabian (Islamic) Be... (read more)
  • Weapon - ...aggression.Shoot yourself, then he is perhaps his manly assets for self-defense. – A knife represents the ability to penetrate the damaged tissue and ablate what are the dreamer torments . With the knife, the hypocrisy will “cut out”, which dominated the situation. – The sword has different meanings. Handle and blade, which together form a cross, symbolizing a strong belief system. In addition the sword of spiritual energy, which is enabling people to give up unnecessary. The sword in the scabbard is a symbol of the dwelling in the body self. Psychologically: With all kinds of weapons are dream pictures,... (read more)
  • Dagger - General Meanings: The dream of a dagger plays a big role especially in attack or in defense. Dagger can be like the sword which has the meaning of aggressive sexuality of male, also can display aggression of personality, you have to learn to control this negative emotion. To use dagger in order to attack another man in the dream, this marks that you will get rid of unpleasant and painful feelings because of love. To be injured by a dagger, this dream denotes that you will show your vulnerability. The old dream books of the Hindus explains the dagger as... (read more)
  • Bear - ...about weddings in your family. Hindu (Hinduism) Richness If see – In the dream you see a walking bear, this is a sign that you will get wealth and fortune. Arabian (Islamic) In general, the bear represents richness and power, but stupid and audacious enemy. Defeated enemy If someone kills – You will destroy all the plans of your enemy and end up his harm; Low power If riding on a bear – This dream predicts that you have limited power to reach your goals; Opponent failure If someone kills a bear with his sword – The sign that you... (read more)
  • Islamic Water - ...a dream. Drinking more water in a dream than what one usually drinks in wakefulness means longevity. ggg If one glass of water does not quench one’s thirst in the dream, it means discord between husband and wife. If one immerses his hand in water in a dream, it means that he will play with money and confuse himself. Fresh potable water or a well in a dream also could be the immediate cause of a trial, fight or calamity. Giving someone a glass of water in a dream is glad tidings of a child. Drinking a glass of spring... (read more)