Medicine drug (medicament) dream meanings

General Meanings:

Worries and a warning The dream symbol of drugs announces you troubles and worries in professional and financial situation, but you will overcome this by your own efforts. Also this dream signifies about changes in your life. For individual cases that might be a warning about a disease, you have to find it out.

Psychological Meanings:

Fear and support The drug symbolizes mental or physical distress and the desire for sympathy, consolation and advice. Also the dream of medicine drugs express fear of pain, illness and disappointment.

Solved or unsolved problems In the dream to take a drug and this helps you, then this means that you are able to deal with problems. If you can not get drugs, then this means that you are unable to solve the problem.

Hiding from reality To use drugs illegally or hidden, this indicate that you are afraid to accept the reality and you try to escape from this. You try to cover yourself with disease. You are feeling insecure and weak.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Worries if take delicious drugs – In the dream you take delicious drugs, then this denotes danger and loss, which will bring problems, but you will overcome this without any difficult consequences;
  • Disease if take disgusting drugs – This dream is very negative, which brings a long illness or deep pain, or loss of something important;
  • Inner pain if hiding drugs – In the dream you are hiding that you are using drugs, this indicates that you keep something painful inside you and this destroys you from inside;
  • Intrigues if administer (give) drugs to someone – This means that you make intrigues against someone who trust you;
  • Disease if prepare medicine drugs – In the dream you prepare or make drugs, then this signifies serious illness;
  • Bad influence if someone gives you drugs – This dream marks that you have bad influence and this may damage your reputation;
  • Losses if overdosing drugs – In the dream you overdose drugs, then this indicates that your behavior will destroy you from inside, you will loose everything what is important in your life;
  • Need for support if doctor gives drugs – In the dream the doctor gives you drugs, then this dream signifies that you need help and support from other people, you are not able to overcome the difficulties by yourself;
  • No worries if eat or see medicinal plants – This marks that all bad events will come to an end.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Wealth if see drugs – When you dream of using drugs against pain, this announces you growing money because you know how to overcome all the difficulties;
  • Be more responsible if be addicted – In the dream you are addicted to drugs, this dream indicates that you have to focus on what is important and do not behave irresponsible;
  • Need for help if ask for drugs – When you ask someone to give you drugs, this dream marks that you desire for help from people around you, you are afraid to feel pain or frustration.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Money losses if take laxative – You are dreaming that you take a laxative, this denotes that you will lose your money through quarrels and disputes;
  • Ignoring facts if take hypnotics – In the dream you take hypnotics, then this dream marks that you try to escape from difficulties and try to ignore very important thing;
  • Avoiding responsibilities if take sedatives – In the dream you take sedatives, this denotes that you refuse to control the situation;
  • Fear if have an adverse reaction – This dream may mean that you are afraid to have mental illness.

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