Meet dream meanings

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Good news if meet friends – In a dream you meet your friends, so these friends will bring you pleasant news and surprises;
  • Bad news if hateful people – When you meet people who you hate in the dream, so this dream is not so good, because this announces you unpleasant news or misfortune in near future;
  • Pain if meet a clergyman in his robes – The dream of clergyman announces sad and painful news. This dream symbol will bring you illness or death in the family.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Journey if meet famous people – This dream announces that in near future you will have unexpected but pleasant journey. You will travel and come back home safely;
  • Love if meet with a friend – When you meet with your good friends in the dream, then this dream shows that you will meet your love from the closest friends;
  • Wrong relationship if meet with an enemy – The dream shows that you will make an uncomfortable reunion, but later you will get rid of this relationship.

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