Ring (jewellery) dream meanings


– Obligation, promise, oath.


– With what I want to unite myself?

General Meanings:

A ring in a dream usually stands for a relationship. It is not necessarily a love relationship, which the dreamer has to another human being, and sometimes they are too narrow and impede the self-development. A wedding ring symbolizes a permanent bond and a promise. A ring seal or an old heirloom embodies the traditions and values​​. An engagement ring is a symbol of an even deeper loyalty. A friendship ring seal is a symbol of the long-term friendship between two people. If you find a ring, then that may indicate happiness in love or business problems. If you lose the ring, often in for a painful separation. If you pull ring from finger angrily, then that may indicate, that you lose what you love, or even make an escapade.

Psychological Meanings:

Every human yearns for some form of continuity in his life, for a sense of secure comfort. The ring symbolizes security, continuity and infinity, since it has no beginning and no end, as well as binding to a human or a community, as is the faithfulness with which we hold to the commitments once. Women are more into joyful connection than men. This also proves the fact that women more often dreams rings, while men dreams rings very rare. Dreams usually say something about the joy of bonding (ring-infected, admiring a ring on their finger) to forget about fear of commitment or inability to bind (can not pull a ring off his finger) out.

Spiritual Meanings:

Dreaming of ring on the spiritual plane is just like the circle, eternity and divinity. The ring is a sign of the covenant, a oath, a community or a common destiny without the beginning and the end.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • - Dreaming of ring in general: be careful and thorough consideration in bonds, for which there is not much desire;
  • - To see ring in dream: announcing a binding to a different person;
  • - Dreaming of gold ring: promises a speedy marriage or christening;
  • - See two beautiful rings: announces an early commitment or even marriage;
  • - If ring is broken or you brake one in dream: announces a death, represents a betrayal; Also dreaming of broken ring: dispute in the marriage or separation for married people;
  • - To lose a ring: causes temporary separation from a loved one; Also dreaming that you lose a ring: it is a warning of difficulties ahead by a friend or relative or partner’s disloyalty;
  • - To find a ring in dream: singles will fall in love; Also dreaming that you find a ring: love affairs will tend to develop beneficial;
  • - To put ring on your finger: warns against an intended infidelity;
  • - Dreaming that you wear a ring: you may hope that new ventures will be successful;
  • - Pull, drag off of the finger: an infidelity will have bad consequences;
  • - If ring can not be drawn from the finger: shows great difficulty letting go of the old partners;
  • - Get ring as paid or as gift: you will find a good friend and wish for a love will come true;
  • - Give ring to someone: connection of an awaited love or friendship does not succeed;
  • - See others with rings: a sign of growing prosperity and many new friends;
  • - If a woman dreaming that she has a ring on her right hand: she cherishes the intention to enter into a strong bond with a man;
  • - If a young woman get a ring in a dream: her concerns about the behavior of her lover soon vanish into thin air, because he will devote to her pleasure and her future interests.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • - To find a ring: disagreement with your business partners;
  • - Ring of iron: your future is worried, the competition will be heavy fighting existence;
  • - To buy a ring: you’ll fall in love;
  • - Give one away: you will be groom (bride);
  • - Get as gift (or get paid with ring): they try to convince you something;
  • - Ring of Gold in dream: for married couples – marriage blessing, for unmarried – imminent wedding party;
  • - If ring is very valuable: a pleasant future, marriage for unmarried persons;
  • - When ring is broken: dispute and separation;
  • - To lose: sadness and anxiety, you will lose respect;
  • - Ring made of ivory: the days are getting friendlier, and thou shalt be freed from suffering.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • - To see one ring in dream: happiness in all aspects of your life;
  • - Dreaming of several or even more rings: you will have various experiences.
  • - Wear on your finger (for singles): early marriage;
  • - Wear on your finger (for married): discord in marriage;
  • - To get a ring: your actions will be worth it;
  • - Also dreaming that you are getting ring: indicates the long-term relationship with some person;
  • - To give away: your generosity is not recognized too much.

M. Ibn Sirin’s Dreambook (short):

Short version of Islamic dream meanings and interpretations about a ring by muslim interpreter of dreams Muhammad Ibn Sirin

Ring meaning in Islam
The ring in dream represents a peace, an authority, a wife, a child, a job or a gift, a reward, or tremendous power or a great ruler. The carvings on the ring are what the dreamer wants or desires. The ring also denotes what the dreamer owns and what he can do. The ring with a stone in it alludes to the dreamer’s power, prestige, endeavors, and to male child too. Dreaming of the ring also denotes a band, an encumbrance, or a shackle.

Meaning by good omen; ring’s as a sign of future happiness:

  • Ring as reward – size of the reward equal to the value and the size of the gemstone;
  • Being given or offered a ring or buying one – the dreamer will wield tremendous power or become a king, says Ibn Sirin, the majesty of King Solomon was derived from his ring.
  • To receive a ring as a gift – means happy news, or a marriage to a beautiful woman.
  • Wearing a ring – renewal of what the ring refers to, depending on its alloy or composition.
  • Ring for a bachelor – he will have a woman.
  • Ring for the king, for the businessman  – represents his kingdom, his business;
  • Wearing a tight ring – means that one will be let off from a vicious woman; relief and comfort.
  • To buy an engraved ring – indicates new ownership of a house, a vehicle, or a marriage, or a child;
  • Official person is stamping or sealing a document with signet or seal ring – means that the dreamer will receive an important political appointment;
  • Finding any ring or lost ring – means money from foreigners, profits from a foreign land, or having a newborn son, or it could mean a marriage to a good woman;
  • The sky is raining rings – means that he will conceive a child during that year. If he is unwed, it means that he will marry a rich and a virgin young woman during that same year. If raining with rings of gold – means that such a woman has lost her wealth;
  • To sell your own ring very cheap – means that you will separate from your wife, but you will have respect for each other;
  • A woman being given a ring – she will get married or have a child;
  • More good omens are in sections “by metal” and “by gemstone”.

Meaning by metal, by alloy; ring’s meaning in dream by composition:

  • Golden ring for man when his wife is pregnant – she will give birth to a son;
  • Golden ring with a precious stone – means that such benefits will come with ease;
  • Golden ring or a man wearing a golden ring – represents innovation, and the results could bring afflictions, betrayal, or a revolt; A reference to a woman who has lost her fortune;
  • Golden ring from the God – bad omen;
  • Silver ring (wearing a ring made of silver) – nothing will stand in the dreamer’s way;
  • Silver ring for an ascetic person from the God – the dreamer will be favored by the God and will get protection against getting into Hell.
  • Silver ring from the Holy Prophet or from a religious scholar – the dreamer will acquire learning;
  • Copper ring (made of copper) – bad luck;
  • Copper ring from the God or the Holy Prophet or from a religious scholar – very negative future, bad luck;
  • Iron ring (made of iron) – means that the dreamer will receive benefits though with great strain on him; a courageous leader; a tradesman with foresight but bad memory;
  • Lead ring (made of lead) – power melted through weakness;
  • Ivory ring (made of ivory or from an animal’s horn) – represent glad tidings, good augury for a woman;
  • Wooden ring (made of wood) – represents hypocritical woman; prosperity or power obtained through hypocrisy.

Meaning by gemstone, by stone; ring’s meaning in dream by incrustation:

  • Ring with any incrustations – represent the dreamer’s goals;
  • Ring with a gemstone – power, influence, prestige, charisma, good renown, money, and other riches.
  • Ring with two gemstones – means two important appointments, material and a spiritual ones, or inner and outer ones; financial benefits,
  • Ring with a green sapphire or green ruby – means an intelligent son who will become a great man of knowledge.
  • Ring with a carnelian – red stone – means the end to the dreamer’s poverty.
  • Ring with a beryl, chrysolite, or peridot stone: strength, courage, and fearsome authority; well-educated, polite, and pious boy.
  • Ring with worthless glass beads – denotes a weak authority.
  • Ring without gemstone, because stone or gemstone falls out of ring – partial losses; or it may mean the death of child, or the loss of business;
  • Plain ring or a band without stone – means engaging in a strenuous project and getting nothing out of it;
  • Ring falls apart and disappears, but the stone remains – reference to the dreamer’s name, reputation, and beauty; means that once the responsibilities are gone, good memories of the person will remain;
  • Unstable stone in ring – means that one will be fired form his job;
  • Moving stone in ring – power and authority will vanish away; isolation is coming.

Meaning by bad omen; ring’s as a sign of future disaster:

  • A broken ring in dream – means divorce;
  • Cutting off a tight ring – means the end to one’s authority;
  • Removing the dreamer’s ring – may indicate that one might be fired from his job;
  • Woman is removing her wedding ring in a dream – there is possibility of loss, the death of either her husband or of a close relative.
  • Borrowing of a ring or borrowed wedding ring – represents an ownership that will not last;
  • Rings being sold in the open market in a dream – means that the estates are for sale or it could represent foreclosure;
  • Hollow rings that are filled with something or in which something could be hidden – wickedness and plots or assassinations (as something is concealed in them); Also can be an indication of aspirations to something great and many benefits because their size is bigger than their weight, says Ibn Sirin.
  • Bad omens also stand for Golden ring from the God, Copper ring (made of copper), Copper ring from the God, Unstable stone in ring, Moving stone in ring, Plain ring or a band without stone, Ring with worthless glass beads, Ring without gemstone – full symbolism is accordingly in sections “by metal” and “by gemstone”.

To wear a simple band in dream is better than wearing a heavy ring. Heavy rings in a dream also may denote an assassination or deceit. On the other hand, large rings in a dream also can be interpreted to mean something great, or something that give great benefits. Lead rings in a dream mean weak authority.

Dreaming that your ring being forcefully pulled out from your finger means that you might lose your rank or whatever the ring represents to you. If you lose your ring in a dream, it means that you might experience something you hate. (Also see Solomon’s ring)

Denise Lynn (short):

Short interpretation of ring in dreams by Denise Lynn

  • Ring in dream symbolizes long friendship;
  • Ring could also predict marriage or engagement;
  • The ring stands for honest promise and vow to someone special;
  • Usually the ring symbolizes eternity and everlasting love.

Denise Lynn (detailed):

Detailed interpretation of ring in dreams by Denise Lynn

  • Ring is a sign of the ongoing life cycle, when everything goes around and comes around;
  • The ring might be a symbol of perfection, wholeness and unity;
  • The ring for a very long time is known as a symbol of friendship, engagement and marriage;
  • If you had a dream where you received a ring or gave it to someone then it is this sign of the dreamer being ready to start serious relationships;
  • It also serves for a symbol of eternal love.

Maya civilization:

Mayan dream meanings about ring as jewellery

Good omen
If the dreamer saw an engagement ring (that is placed in the box and the dreamer looking at it in the window of the jewellery shop), there soon will be a wedding (the wedding could also being of someone you know). If the individual wish this to happen, then the golden ring must be buried in the yard and watered as a flower for a week.

Bad omen
If the dreamer had a ring, it shows that he/she running around in circles, constantly making the same mistakes over and over again. If there is a need to find the way out, try the method which asks to wrap the index finger with strand of black hair and leave it for a night.

Nobleman’s Dreambook:

Ring dream interpretation from The Nobleman’s dreambook by N. Grishin

  • To dream of the golden ring on your finger – a marriage or birth of a child;
  • To put the ring to someone or yourself – the fulfillment of desires;
  • To lose the engagement or wedding ring – will lose old friends or communications but will make the new ones;
  • To find the ring – a significant meeting or a new love / friendship;
  • If the ring is given as a present – a new contact or friendship;
  • To pass the ring to another – losses;
  • To buy or to obtain the ring – well-being / desire for attention;
  • To remove the ring from the finger – will suffer from unfaithfulness;
  • If the ring can not be removed from finger – bondage;
  • If the ring has been broken – a dispute, loss and separation;
  • If there is something written on the ring – honor, heir, spiritual successor;
  • A ring with a big diamond – a huge business success, an important acquaintance; communication, labor and benefits;
  • Iron ring – lots of proceedings and transactions;
  • Copper ring – a joy.

Russian Dreambook:

Ring interpretation from The Russian dreambook

  • To dream of smooth and sleek ring – marriage;
  • If the ring has large stone on it – an unexpected acquaintance;
  • If the ring has many small stones on – tears;
  • When the ring is being broken – a loved one will be betrayed.

Shereminskaya Dreambook:

Ring dream meanings by L. G. Shereminskaya

  1. To receive the ring as a gift in your dream is a very good sign, especially if you are a girl. The dream foretells you that you have chosen the right person as your partner.
  2. If the married women receives the ring from her husband it symbolizes happy marriage.

New Family Dreambook:

If you dream of seeing yourself with a ring on the finger – new business affair in which you’ll be lucky;
Broken ring indicates disputes and unhappiness in marital affairs and broken hearts for the lovers;
If the girl had a dream in which she was wearing a ring, her excitement associated with the beloved one will be extraordinary. From now on, someone that she is in love with will always give his heart to her;
The ring on the finger of the other people – will have new acquaintances.

Gypsy Dreambook:

Ring meanings in dreams by Romani people

  • Cheap ring – the dreamer will suffer mild illness;
  • An expensive ring – the dreamer is physically strong and healthy person;
  • The ring could also indicate of an upcoming wedding.

Antique French Dreambook:

Ring interpretations from old French dreambook

Ring (circle, round, cycle)
If you dream of a ring as circle then the dream foretells about new friendship or marriage;
If you break the circle in a dream – it is a sign of future disagreements with friends and their insincerity.

Ring (jewelry)
Ring in a dream – symbolizes friendship or love;
If you dreamed about gold, silver or engagement ring – your dream promises a happy family life and lots of healthy and happy children;
If you dream of giving the ring to someone – the dream is telling you, that you should believe in your heart, because it gives the best affection to you;
If you receive a ring as a present, that is a sign of true love from the person that gave you that ring.

Old English Dreambook:

If the ring falls of from the finger for a married woman, it signifies her husband’s infidelity. This women will destroy her life if she will stay with him in a marriage as he is not worth her tears and time;

If a woman sees in a dream that breaks her engagement ring – illness or death of the husband;

To wear a ring on the finger – announces satisfaction and harmony with the person you are in love.

Miller dreambook:

Ring dream meanings by Gustavus Hindman Miller

If you dream that you are wearing the ring on the finger it indicates success in new business deal which will be very prosperous;
Broken ring means uncomfortable issues, unhappiness if the dreamer is married, affairs and break relations for individual that is in relationships;
If the girl dreamed of a ring, she is very lucky, as a partner in her life will dedicate himself to her. It seems that the future will bring lots of love and satisfaction to those people;
To dream of a ring on the other’s finger – the wealth is going to increase and the dreamer will meet appropriate people to fulfill those requirements.

East Women’s Dreambook:

Ring as jewellery dream meanings by Oriental women’s dream book

Dreaming of the engagement ring, to see or to try it on in dream, meaning foretells unavoidable upcoming wedding of friends or relatives; If you try on the ring that has a diamond or any kind of stone on it, expect for the proposal.

Modern Dreambook:

Meanings of ring in dreams by Contemporary Dream Book

  • If you dream you are wearing the ring, it is a sign that your initiatives will succeed;
  • If other people are wearing the rings in dream – the circle of your friends will become bigger, which means that you will have more and more friends in the future;
  • Usually when the young women receives the ring it is good omen. It doesn’t matter what kind of love life she has, but it will definitely improve to the better;
  • If the ring has been broken in dream – family problems, divorce, separation and anxiety.

Zadak Dreambook:

Ring in dream dictionary by Martin Zadak

  • To see plain wedding ring – marriage;
  • If the ring has stones on it – profitable work;
  • Ring that is made of iron – sadness;
  • Ring that’s been broken – the loss of a friend or property.

Esoteric Dreambook:

Dreaming about ring meaning by Esoteric dreambook

  • Ring with stone – sadness;
  • An engagement ring – a divorce, lack of marital expectations;
  • An ancient ring – you are ready to meet a partner with whom you would be emotionally connected. Fate will bring the person you are waiting for;
  • Something that looks similar to ring or is in a form of a ring (for example hoop) – the dreamer keeps going in circles doing the same routines and mistakes. There should be consideration to go fast forward and do not look back.

Meneghetti dreambook:

Meanings of ring in dreams from Italian dreambook by Meneghetti

The ring in dreams symbolizes the power of individual. The dreamer might have political, religious and even emotional power especially in a family environment. The dream foretells about individual’s tendency to take a role or loyalty to adequate rules and regulations. The dream indicates good values in a person, but it is known that sometimes tendency to be a leader can harm people around if it’s been used not in the adequate way.

Lofa dreambook:

Jewelry rings or magical rings can symbolize some kind of contract or someone who is wishing to take obligation and commitment, such as marriage. Sometimes ring might indicate the desire to make a commitment not to the other, but yourself. Also ring can be an indication of the desire to get assurances about the commitments by other persons that are related to us, as example in a marriage or in an enterprise. It is believed that when people want to get something from others they’ve got to make some duties in order to get what they want. Therefore the dream about a ring shows how major impact these exchanges has in ours subconscious mind;

Fairy rings may indicate the acquisition of supernatural forces. So dreaming of a magical ring might symbolize hidden magical powers that you have.

Dreaming of painted ring on the ground or wheat circles as rings, all dreams of this kind are related to the protection, because the ring also is the limit that stops the evil. If you were dreaming of being in wheat circles or of seeing a ring that is painted on the ground as a circle around you it shows your ability to protect yourself from the others, which may harm you or wants too much to take from you.

These should help you to find by yourself a prophetic message of your dream about ring

  1. Did you find a ring? Or have you manufactured a ring yourself?
  2. Does it seem to you that you are in a position to exercise control over it? Or is this ring used by someone to gain power over you?
  3. Who?

Azara dreambook:

Interpretation of dream about ring by Azara

In Azara dream dictionary ring is interpreted as:

  • To dream of seeing a ring – affection and love;
  • To get a ring from someone – a true love;
  • To receive a ring for childless women means that she is going to have children;
  • If the women gets a ring, but is already married and has children, she will inherit riches;
  • For a men to get a ring – predicts trouble;
  • If single women receives a ring – soon she will be married;
  • To wear a wedding ring – happy marriage;
  • If the ring have been lost – shame.

Shuvalov Dreambook:

Jewellery ring dream meaning by Shuvalov

The ring is a symbol of the power and social dominance. It shows the respect for social dogmas and rules that were made by man. The dreamer should consider, that the laws of society are much lower than the laws of our souls, and we should not give them so much importance.

Tsvetkov Dreambook:

Ring dream interpretations by Tsvetkov

Ring can be interpreted as:
1. Proposal; 2. Relations or relationships; 3. Loss (the dreamer could get a divorce or separation).

Vanga’s Dreambook:

Dreaming about ring meaning by Baba Vanga

  • The appearance of the ring in a dream symbolizes the circle of events, unsolved problems, attachment, commitment and allegiance;
  • If in a dream you put the ring on the loved one’s finger, the dream symbolizes your feelings and faithful promises that you’ve made;
  • In a dream in which you see how the stranger puts the ring on your finger, shows unexpected help to the problem which you were trying solve for a long time;
  • If you dream that you just can not select the suitable ring size, it means that in reality you are not attached to anyone emotionally;
  • If the ring falls off your finger that’s a bad sign. Maybe in real life you have broken the promise or commitment you gave to someone and now the subconscious mind of yours gives you a signal, that you did not behave as you were suppose to.

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  1. I returned a platinum ring to a man….I don’t know him….N than I was dancing with 4 unknown girls,they were acting like frnds….starting I danced with joy than some frustration…suddenly I heard the voice of Woman to open up..don’t stop ur move.Than those girl said me to dance freely…we danced n those girls forgot step I told them n one of them said u r too going with a harsh life…

  2. I recently broke up with some I love .. he is not willing to see me or speak with me .. last night I dreamt I was wearing a gold band on my left hand – the image was a bit blurry. In the next image I dreamt I was still wearing the gold band but the ring he gave me early in our relationship was on the same finger with the band but the ring was broken and badly mangled. This seems to have two meanings according to what I read ..

  3. I had a dream and was getting married to my husband,we not officially married but he paid lobola for me in reality,in this dream we were in a line waiting for the pastor to mary other ,when our turn arrived my husband brought clean shinny rings ,was wearing a white pretty dress n we got married and he put that ring on my finger,on our way home I looked at my ring and that one ring became two golden rings.i don’t knw what it says please help

  4. I had a dream where a friend guy and I were riding a bike. Then as we go on, he held my left hand and inserted a white gold ring with small diamonds in my midfle finger. We stopped, hugged him then I whispher to him, ‘Welvome to my world.’ I knew who the guys is. What does the dream tells me?

  5. I had a dream that someone who represented my current boyfriend, went to get back my ring he left with a friend. I saw the ring as beautiful and with a diamond. I came across the friend before he did and when he handed me the ring the stone was not a diamond but a large, heart-shaped amethyst on a silver band. I then placed it on my right ring finger myself. Significance??

  6. i dreamed about my.friends ring that i have picked up and took it back to her and she did not realized that she have lost her ring. and that same friend dreamed a day after that shes is getting married and she is already married in the dream she is remarring her current husband. please advice

  7. i had adreamed our Sultan Qaboos giving me 2 rings with green stones (dark green and light gren ) and he insited that i wear them and he even told me that he has kept them in a hole where there where nice green grass and said i didnt what them to get the aunts on them, and i wore them
    what this means ???

  8. I dream of buying a ring and put it on my index finger.the ring is made of black and white stones and at the middle of the ring is a 1 karat diamond..please reply what is the meaning of my dream..thank u.

  9. I had a dream that scared me so. As we forgot to buy each other Valentine’s gift, on the dream and at real life, we went together to a shopping mall. We were separeted shopping and when we got together, I had a regular gift, but, he had beautiful super chic and expensive golden ring(pruposal one- marriedge). It was inside a box; mine had a diamond on it. It was sobeautiful but I said NO and turn back refusing to have it. What can it mean?

  10. I had a dream of me about to marry my friend and he lost the rings .He is not even my close I don’t like him I do not think he likes me . So please tell me what this means

  11. I dreamt of a stranger and his sister putting a ring on a finger of my right hand, he proposed me and i refused politely, he said it’s okay and i can keep the ring then they vanished, it was dark outside, after that i join my Mother and little sister and tell them, they look at the ring : a silver ring with a blue stone with a form of hear, it’s a very small stone and thinh silver ring but there is something written in arab that i can’t read …can someone tell me if this has a meaning??
    Sorry if i made mistakes, I am French… thanks in advance!

  12. I had a dream and I was standing on the ground covered with dirt and the sky was dark but there was light to see everyone else. I see the blonde boy from the movie hunger games peeta. He has a worried look on his face. He was standing on the other side of me just a few feet away. A bunch of random people just walked across us and then the boy gives me a ring and it was bright and pretty. I said thankyou so much and ran to him and gave him a huge hug. He hugged me back. And then I woke up with a smile.
    What does this mean? Plz reply

  13. I have a dream that someone pulling out my ring and am fighting not to five it away.. And it’s not my marriage ring cuz I throw that away long time a go… My ring I got now is silver one and it represent that I will never marry again…

  14. I dreamt my mother buying a hug golden ring for me an I’m with her in the jewelry shop . Reason being is for my birthday next week, so this week she bought a ring as a gift for me( in my dream of course).
    It’s it has 4 letters on it in a heart shape / a square ( not sure).
    It’s was too loose then again I tried it was perfect fit.
    What does this means???

  15. I was wearing two rings. A plain iron one with no gem, and a plain iron one with a tiny simple diamond. In my dream I felt as if I were married. But I felt scared. I didn’t know who I was married to and felt awkward and REALLY shy and kept hiding from whomever it was.

    I am a 19 year old girl whom has NEVER dated. I have no idea what it means!!

  16. I had a dream on my birthday today: August 1st. In my dream, something unseen in the darkness gave me a ring as a gift. There was a voice that told me this ring was a gift. The ring was rather large, though. I couldn’t put it on any of my fingers since the ring had too big of a diameter. However, I was truly happy to receive this gift. I proceeded to closely examine the ring at a nearby table. I had the ring in my hand as I looked at it under a lamp’s light. It didn’t have any stones on it and it was silver in color. It had unrecognizable markings like it was an ancient ring. Overall, it’s a very good and favorable omen! I’m grateful I found this webpage! Thank you!

  17. Hi,

    I have boyfriend I met him online. We met personally and we like each other untill we fall in love each other. But Before I met him he had one kid with a woman he met before me but I accept it. We are one year now and we reallly like and love each other and we ger along very well.

    I dreamed that he had a golden ring wearing looks wedding ring and when I full out from his finger there is a name on with the mother of his kid. What is the meaning of this?

    Thank you..I hope to hear an answer soon..

    Best wishes,

  18. I dreamt my husband gave me a ring and proposed, but he was in love with someone else (I had a loss of memory and wasn’t around) so I gave it back and told him to be with her…my heart was broken. What does that mean?

  19. I dreamt my husband wearing a new gold wedding band. But I remember thinking that he was trying to show me that was wearing it but I didn’t pay any attention to the fact because he presently don’t have a wedding ring and we are separated.

  20. I was dreaming and in the dream, all of sudden, I saw a light it bright and peaceful. I looked down at my hand and a beautiful gold band was on my ring finger. I looked up and I felt my hand extend and more gold rings were coming towards me they were spinning. It was like the ring on my hand was drawing them towards me. I woke up with energy and a peace. But I would like to know what the ring on my hand and spinning gold rings mean

  21. I dreamt two nights ago that my wedding ring had been removed and another ring, a very fancy looking ring which almost covered most of the lower half of my married finger with its trapezium shaped ornament, was put on my finger, it seemed like I was trying it on. But then I saw my husband’s daughter’s face who was kind of shaking her head in disagreement. Right then I looked for my wedding ring but could not find it.
    What does it mean?

      • Thats dead true, Yesterday I had a dream that I found a 1500! rings by a canal lock(first one with big stones), that had been thrown in by women, then dredged up with the silt and dumped on the canal bank, later found by me when I was digging a disabled ramp foundation! for the visitor attraction! the visitor center then had an attraction ~(the rings).

        Today I went metal out the back of my house in the ploughed field and found loads of iron age brooches. Must be something in this hocuspocus, so I came back to tell you all.

  22. I dreamt i ws gettin married and my mum and her sisters wore traditional zulu attires,my bridesmaid wore white and purple dreses and me i dont know but then i saw myself wearing a wedding ring it was made of 3-4 pieces and they were silver n gold with a very small diamond i was so happy i showed every1.what does it mean?

  23. I had a dream that I was walkin down a road, like a highway in the middle of no where. I looked down and found a 14k ring, I saw the inscription, the ring had an interesting adjustable band, it was a stackable ring and had balls of pave pearls and diamonds the center stone was a blue sapphire, I put the ring on my finger and marveled how beautiful it was. I was thinking about the ring all day the dream was so clear I can draw the ring.

  24. رايت اننى وجدت خاتما ذهبيا للاطفال فى الارض فاخذته وذهبت به الى محل لبيع الذهب كان مليئا بالايات القرانيه وقال لى الصائغ انه يجيب نقود ولكن لاتبعيه فاخذته وعدت به

  25. I drean of where i put on an engagement ring on my engagement finger bt i did not see the face of man who gave me the ring,jus that i have a feeling that a man gave me an engagement ring,when i put it on the wrong finger,i stil remove it myself and put it on my engagement finger with a smile on my face,to tell u the truth i love that ring,its gold in colour and beautiful.pls can someone tell me the meaning of this dream?.

  26. I had a dream that a guy who said he want to marry me but I did not take it serious cos I was going to travel ,put a ring on my finger . then a friend nearby told me he gave the same ring to a certain lady,later I lost The ring,tried to find it but never found it until My eyes were open. Please what does it mean?

  27. I dreamt that I was given a set of rings. Not all of them fit, but the one that did was beautiful. Gold ring, sort of tarnished with an Amber inset. It was beautiful.

  28. I had a dream that i went to a physcic and they said “in 1555 he proposed to you on (maybe mt vesuvius in italy. Something to do with italy) and since then the ring has never fallen of your finger.”
    What do you think it means?

  29. I had a dream that the place where i work(i dont know that place)had exploted and as i walk in i see my rings all over the place as i walk into the place my husband is right next to me all of a sudden i spot one of his rings that he likes alot i pick it up and star crying because he is dead, my older sistes that i haven’t seen in a year is there with me and trys to get me out of the place but i keep on finding my rings and the i foud a broken one. I woke up feeling some kind of pressure on my chest that makes me feel worry.

  30. I had a dream I lost my ring under a car but when i went to look for it under the car I kept finding more and more rings but not the one I lost. What does ring play for in the lottery.

  31. i had a dream last night that my boyfriend got down on one knee and asked me to marry him…. When he opened the box and tried to put the ring on my finger it was square! Beautiful ring but it wouldn’t fit =( what does that mean?

  32. I had a dream that i saw a gold ring (which was too similar to my real ring) halved by 2 . It means not broken like divided by 2 narrow ring. Please tell me what does it mean?

  33. I dreamt my engagement and eternity ring were broken but then somehow the remains of one of them were put together to form a new smaller ring. Very upset about this dream.

  34. Hi,

    I am a hindu. Yesterday My fiancee bought me a toe ring to be worn on my wedding day. Last night I dreamt that my toe ring is broken, its bells were ripped apart from the toe ring.

    What does this signify ?

  35. I had a dream that I walked into a store with a gentleman. The dr gentleman seemed and looked very intelligent and we were bying wedding rings.I selected white gold but did not try of the rings.

  36. My ex boyfriend gave me a ring kinda like the one in that picture up there but gold it was engraved and it said “to die” it alson had words on the otherside that I could not read what does this mean?

  37. I have been having the same dream that my friends notice I am not wearing any of my rings. I wear 3 my wedding ring an eternity ring and an engagement ring. I never take them off. In my dream when I look at my hand my rings have gone. This even wakes me up I check and of course my rings are always there. What does this mean?

  38. Oh, also what does the pure cows mild represent. i first snivelled at the rediculous price which was $19 for 2, 2lt containers and haggeled the farmer down to around $8 for 3 2 litre bottles. I dont actally remember taking them though. It was a wierd dream and i am very surprised i remembered it, so i figure it may have some significance.

    Thank you,


  39. I hardly remember dreams but this one bothered me as i dreamt of being on some kind of trip and we popped into a type of tourist shop on our way to where-ever we were going and then to a farm where there was some kind of fair going on. somewhere between the tourist shop and the farm i noticed that i lost my gold ring which was given to me by my daughter. i noticed this while buying ‘real milk’ being milked from a cow right infront of me.
    In real life, yesterday was my birthday and my daughter gave me this ring as a gift. Unfortunately we had a big argument in the car and i got out and went home. I believe this dream was reflecting some how on the events of the day but i am curious to know what it is telling me? I love my daughter will all my heart, but she has been pushing the envelope as most kids do and yesterday i just lost it with her. i feel very bad and wish it never happened. it bothers me and i am wondering how my dream relates. can anyone help?
    Thank you,

    Love ‘n’ light,


  40. I had a dream that a celebrity, took my wedding ring off of my finger, and replaced it with an engagement ring from him. The crazy thing about it, my current husband was sitting right next to me on the couch and did not say a word, it was like he was ok with it or knew there was nothing he could do.

  41. i had a dream i was in a room someone put a diamond ring on my finger never saw the other person face just woke up remembering that i was somewhere and someone took my hand put a diamond ring on my finger and i woke up but never had a ring on

  42. I had a dream about a very good friend placing two rings on the finger of the wrong woman.i dont understand why cos they dont know each other but both are my friends.

  43. i dream that my partner supprise me with a weeding rings and their are few witness, he toll me that he is marryinng me today he say here are two rings bring your hands so i can put in your hands i refuse and i pull my hands back. because am not ready then he convince me that he have no option then i agree i give him my hands then he put it on my left hand fingure i also put him a ring so we are very happy we are holding our hands together. but i look carefully in the ring it was a gold put with some few part broken and it is very light.

  44. I dreamed that my boyfriend is wearing a ladies engagement ring.he placed his hand on top of the table and showed of the ring on his hand. we are dining then and I felt that he has something to say about the ring.

  45. dreamed i received a card from my boyfriend around valentines day and when i opened it, it had 3 pages of writing, the far right side of the card had a ring underneath a sheer white like tissue paper.

  46. Dream: bunch of friends, fiancèe, dad, and myslf. Fiancèe gave two rings to me embedded in a jade cube. One a wedding band and a second kinda like a class ring. Significance?