Vermouth dream meanings

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Sorrow and happiness if see vermouth – Dreaming of vermouth announces painful experiences but don’t be sad after that the great joy will come;
  • Wasting if drink vermouth – To drink vermouth in the dream marks that you are after every fashionable person and you will squander heritage in wastefully style.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Anxiety if see vermouth – In the dream you see vermouth that you will meet some various concerns in near future.

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  1. “An Elegy on Prosperity & Death: Take 65”

    by Giuseppi Martino Buonaiuto

    For those among us who lived by the rules,
    Lived frugal lives of pubis-scratching desperation;
    For those who sustained a zombie-like state for 30 or 40 years,
    For these few, our lucky few—
    We bequeath an interactive Life-Alert emergency dogtag,
    Or a dog, a colossal beast of a pet,
    A humongus Harlequin Dane dog to feed,
    For that matter, why not buy a few new cars before you die?
    Your home mortgage is dead and buried.
    We gave you senior-citizen rates for water, gas & electricity—
    “The Big 3,” as they are known in certain Gasoline Alley-retro
    Neighborhoods among us,
    Our parishes.
    Our boroughs.
    All this and more, had you lived small,
    Had you played by the rules for Smurfs & Serfs.

    We leave you the chance to treat your grandkids
    Like Santa’s A-List clientele,
    “Good ‘ol Grampa,” they’ll recollect fondly,
    “Sweet Grammy Strunzo,” they will sigh.
    What more could you want in retirement?
    You’ve enabled another generation of deadbeat grandparents,
    And now you’re next in line for the ice floe,
    To be taken away while still alive,
    Still hunched over and wheezing,
    On a midnight sleigh ride,
    Your son, pulling the proverbial Eskimo sled,
    Down to some random Arctic shore,
    Placing you gently on the ice floe.
    Your son; your boy–
    A true chip off the igloo, so to speak.