Semi truck accident dream meanings

Short meaning: the dream about semi truck accident can presage relief, idolatry and love.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By S. Freud analysis of this dream about semi truck accident betokens autarchical resolution, girlish eroticism, creativity and ableness.
Constructive rearrangements are ahead in your life if: semi truck accident - It means the state of being superior. You are a scout. Contrarily, if this dream was with negative emotion then a dream may reveal backwards value: an important person may be wily and/or slippery toward your interests.
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  • Accident - General Meanings: Blame To dream that you are in an accident, this symbolizes the guilt that you are carrying with yourself. This guilt might come from something you did in the past and can not forgive yourself. Move slowly This may mean that you are concerning and punishing yourself. This dream may also want to show you to take things slower and move forward without pushing yourself too hard, because as a result of it, you will not achieve anything you have been expecting. Do not worry, just make sure you know what you are doing at the moment, think twice... (read more)
  • Car - ...which will be set by destiny, however these difficulties will only remain for temporary period of time; Material loss if dream of being involved in a car accident – the one who had a dream about the car accident will suffer the loss, but consider it will be financial one; Will win the competition if dream of winning the race – the one who had a dream about winning the car races denotes to victory he will have towards some particular project; Hindu (Hinduism) Will learn something new if see the car – to dream of watching the cars passing... (read more)
  • Oak (tree) - ...a young, healthy tree – In the dream you see a young healthy oak, denotes that for a few years you still not get any benefit; Award if oak wreath – When you see an oak wreath, means acquisition of well-deserved award and honor for your work or activities; Accident if dried – The dried oak means accident or the disease of a noble friend or relative. Also this dream announces sudden and shocking surprises; Losses if bald with fallen leaves – In the dream you see almost bald oak with falling leaves, this is a warning of business or money losses;... (read more)
  • Train - ...think about his (your) life and you may help him/her (or yourself) to find the right path;  Unpleasant news If Attend a train disaster - When you attend a train disaster in the dream this announces that you will get bad news  from a distant friends. Hindu (Hinduism) On the right way If Seeing yourself in a train – When you are dreaming that you are in the train, this dream symbolizes your life’s journey. This shows that you are on the write road of your life and head the right direction;  Worries If Train accident – In the dream you... (read more)
  • Ice - do are very daring; Risky pleasure if go for a walk – Warns you that your respect, comfort and prestige can be put at risk for fleeting pleasure; Barriers if see snow – Where ever you go you will meet the obstacles of all kinds. It is not your time; Bad luck if slip on it – You slip on the ice signifies that already visible success will change at the last moment will run into bad luck; Accident if slip on it and fall down – The dream tells about an accident; Fear to show yourself if break... (read more)
  • Snake in my shoe - ...Other snake in your shoe dream meanings: May many South American killer bees and the hosts of Hades seek a battleground in your father’s house. May the hosts of Hades gleefully throw a party in your shoes. May a crazed Rush Limbaugh find your buttocks suddenly delectable. May a truckload of plague-ridden gnats and the hosts of Hades seek a battleground in the sewer you call home. And some meanings more: You festering bag of mung. You musty, unspeakable, bad excuse for fungus. You friendless, sloppy, bad excuse for leaf clippings. You funky, blithering offspring of a motherless simpleton. May... (read more)
  • Big snakes in the road - ...dream of big snake in a road may have such symbolism: You festering ass. May many South American killer bees find your innards suddenly delectable. You lazy offspring of a motherless fuckwad. May a scabrous platoon of disease-carrying weasels gleefully dance in your mother’s shoes. Also, dreaming about big snakes in road can have more meanings: May an army of disease-carrying maggots and a slavering Rush Limbaugh seek a battleground upon your heinie. May a truckload of plague-ridden weasels, with the power of Thor’s belch, discharge bodily waste on your best rug. You curdled fondue pot. You stenchy, retarded, assinine,... (read more)
  • Lightning - ...should be businessmen to do business and take care of your men, women or mothers, children and sick people need the care; – over your head: joy and gain; – see hit on your head or house: loss of property and life, accidental; – damage something: severe illness; – not take damage: a danger that one will escape; Also unexpected trouble at work or in love; – lightning: means good; – a flash in the South: the success is a long time absent; – in the Southwest: the luck to you on the trail; – in the West: your prospects... (read more)
  • Teeth (tooth) - ...not of your own fault; Disease if fall out three teeth – Three teeth are falling out in your dream, this announces very serious illness and accidents; Bad omen if all teeth are falling out – this is a very bad omen, which brings you accident, death in the family, illness or disability; Death if lose tooth or teeth painfully – Very bad sign which signifies about death. The front teeth point to children or closest relatives; Illness if spit tooth out – means that you or someone from the closest family member is ill; Deceiver if see other’s artificial improper... (read more)
  • Money - Association: – Treasures & resources; Security & wealth. Question: – What is worth to me? What is value to me? Artemidoros: Accident – Some maintain that money and coins altogether mean accident. Better less than more – It is always better to possess little property and money than too much, because big wealth means concerns and grief because it is difficult to manage as well as a treasure. If somebody dreams who he is penniless or poor in the waking life, this means luck and prosperity during days, the return of the former splendid relations. If somebody dreams who is rich... (read more)
  • Cemetery (graveyard) - ...will exchange her mourning clothes into bridal. But if she is sad and depressed, signifies that you will have grief and concerns in your life; Disease if seeing open grave in the cemetery  – This may be a warning about death or serious illness, you have to take are of your health and have some rest; Loss of love if the bride going to wedding place through the cemetery – Very bad omen, that she can lose her husband in a journey accident. You want to avoid such an accident, then you must visit cemetery and bring flowers on the... (read more)
  • Invade - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Accident if invade -The dream where you invade somewhere points to an accident or unpleasant situation. * Please, see meaning of blanket.... (read more)
  • Pear - ...sad event in your life. Psychological Meanings: Pears are juicy and full of sweetness stands as an erotic symbol of sensuality. The shape of pear is similar to female, the desire to make connection. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Surprise if pick pears from the ground – In the dream you pick pears that are on the ground, then this dream announces you an accident which will bring you a pleasant surprise; Success if have harvest – When you have a harvest of pears in the dream then this dream is a good sign of very successful business which may change... (read more)
  • Surfing - Association: Ride on the waves of emotions. Question: Which strong emotions I’m ready to enjoy? General Meanings: Ability to control emotions Surfing as dream symbol stands for control of dreamer emotions, because dreamer is surfing on the water. At the same time while surfing the right utilization of the wind is really important, which shows that the mastery of emotions is tempted by dreamer’s intellect. Psychological Meanings: Surfing is also a symbol for euphoric experiences in which water plays a supporting role. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) New emotions if surf – To dream of surfing without accident -In the dream... (read more)
  • Tie/Blindfold - General Meanings: Open your eyes Blindfold makes blind, but this dream is not interpreted negatively, but rather shows That the usage of it creates the blindness. You do not have to try to reach your goals like blind person, it is better to open your eyes more widely. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Warning if tie bandage on the arm or head – Such a dream indicates an accident in near future, you have to be very attentive in order to avoid more serious accident; No worries if have blindfold – The work that you have at the moment you... (read more)
  • Cholera - take care of your health if you want to avoid serious consequences; Misfortune if see sick people – The are lots of people who have cholera in your dream then this announces a danger or misfortune in your life; Anxiety if infesting the whole country – This dream denotes that you will have anger and many disappointments will follow you; Accident if be in epidemic place – You stay in a place with epidemic because of cholera, then this dream will bring you unpleasant accident and damage; Watch your family if family member has cholera – In the dream one... (read more)
  • Through train - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Need of travel if see driving through train – In your dream you see driving through train then this denotes that you are longing for the journey; Be attentive if see train accident – The dream of train accident denotes that you will get some suggestions so you should be completely omitted this because this may damage your reputation. * Please, see meaning of train.... (read more)
  • Eaves - Traditional Meanings: Arabian (Islamic) Accident if see eaves – The eaves in a dream means an accident through carelessness, so you have to be attentive in order to avoid this.... (read more)
  • Water - ...a man, especially for a young adult, most common during adolescence, a pressure in the reproductive organs caused by a seminal fluid can be internal stimulus for a dream about water. A nocturnal emission can invoke the visions about being at beach near calm sea or ocean, lying in a bath, swimming in a river or a lake. A release of a sperm resembles running water from shower. Thus during an ejaculation and an orgasm a dream of taking a shower is usual. In addition, a wet dream, as a cause of physical function, consists not only of water but... (read more)
  • Abstainer - ...often stand for a very strict morality and rigid observance of standards and rules which restrict the life too strongly. You think spontaneity and suggestions impede or prevent to reach the goals, but you have to release them. Fear to cross the line Also abstainers has perhaps specifically pointed out, that one should not use stimulants such abundance. The abstainers may also specifically indicates that the semi-luxury drinks and tobacco   should not be used so plentifully. Sometimes the symbol indicates the unconscious fear to cross the line and you would no longer be accepted by others and the society.... (read more)
  • Wagon - will have the power make influence to various persons; Fulfillment of wishes if carriage pulled by noble horses –  The dream will bring you joy and fulfillment of your hopes and desires because you work for this; Disease if cart is broken – The cart is broken in your dream, then this may be that you will fall ill and suffer damage; Success if pull by yourself – In the dream you pull yourself a wagon then this dream denotes that all your plans will succeed without lots of efforts and responsibility. * Please, see meaning of car, team, truck, horse, travel, move.... (read more)
  • Fire - If fire takes your attention to its dangerousness, then it denotes that something is burning around. It can be a situation related to a relationship. Fire helps to find where to focus and usually points out to your actions against others. It foretells that you should be aware of a possible trouble in near future. Generally this dream indicates your inner feeling of something bad might happen. You are very close to a bad situation. And same time fire provides you with light which will allow you to be able to come over the obstacles. Also, open fire... (read more)
  • Watch - Association: Restriction; division. Question: What things I would like to make easier for me in my life? General Meanings: Lack of time – A symbol of time pressure – the constant views to the watch calls us to rush, you are a prisoner of your appointments and obligations. (The bracelet is at the same time a symbol for the chain, handcuffs etc.) Psychological Meanings: Pressure of time  The watch on wrist marks stressed people, they are feeling limited and constrained. Like any other watches this point that the dreamer needs to learn better time management in waking life. Need to stop and... (read more)
  • Highway - Association: Travel; way to freedom; movement. Question: Where in my life do I have freedom of movement? Psychological Meanings: Ordinary life On the highway we move quickly and easily, unless there is a traffic jam then this links to blocked vital energy. Usually on the broad highway we can reach a target quickly, without particularly interesting environment. So this means that we reach our goals without any satisfaction. Also a symbol of constant traveling – frequent drivers, truck drivers and others, this signifies ordinary people life without any worries or barriers. * Please, see meaning of vehicles, road.... (read more)
  • Abdomen / Belly - ...this announces an accident and  in the family. Hindu (Hinduism) Prosperity if see a healthy belly – The belly is healthy in your dream, it means included wealth for you and your family; Illness if belly became shrunken – When in the dream the belly became unusually shrunken or got smaller, this prophesies the disease of children and lack of finances; Richness if bloated and fat belly – The belly became fat and bloated, this dream shows that you will have many children and plenty of money; Bless if belly is empty because of hunger – Dreaming of suffering of... (read more)
  • Level crossing - General Meanings: Represent an obstacle in the way of life, which can not be removed immediately. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Bad time if level crossing – In a dream you cross the level, then this means accident or inconvenience.... (read more)
  • Look at - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Warning if look at yourself –  In a dream you are looking at yourself, this is a warning that there is a possibility to have an accident, be more attentive; Arrogance if look at someone and admire – In the dream you admire of something, this means that you enjoy not so important things in your life,  you became very arrogant person;... (read more)
  • Anteater - General Meanings: An unfavorable dream. Do not take any risks. Psychological Meanings: Lack of trust To destroy an anteater in the dream, means that the dreamer probably has not sufficiently recognized the own efficiency and qualification of the environment. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Troubles if accidentally step on the anteater – This dream is a sign that you will be haunted by worries and troubles. Also through your own awkward behavior you will provoke a lot of annoyance; Unhappiness if crush or destroy anthills – This dream announces you misfortune and sorrow; Warning if see an anteater – This dream symbol of an anteater... (read more)
  • Ammonia - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Disappointment of friends if have ammonia – This dream indicates that you will be angry about your friends’ behavior, because they do not act like wise people; Disagreement if smell – In the dream you smell the ammonia, this marks that for a short time you will be followed by disputes which will breach your friendship; False friend if a young woman does something with a bottles of ammonia – This means that you have a false friend who wants to deceive you; Warning if spill ammonia – This dream announces and warns you about a disease or an unpleasant accident;... (read more)
  • Mug - ...made of silver – This dream will bring you a great event and happy hours; Harm if mug made of gold – The golden mug as a dream symbol denotes that your pride will bring you harm; Health if drinking from a golden or silver mug – This dream announces that you will have good health or recovery after an illness; Warning if see broken mug – The dream of broken mug indicates that the dreamer has to be cautions, because there is an illness or an accident near him; No enemies if break a mug – When you break a mug in the dream,... (read more)
  • Slip - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Little worry if slip – In a dream you slip somewhere, then this dream announces you little accident, but without any difficult consequences; Failure if slip and fall – When in the dream you slip and fall on the ground then this dream is not so good, this announces you great misfortune in your life. Arabian (Islamic) False people if slip on a smooth surface – There are a lot of bad people around you, this indicates that falsehood will pursue you.... (read more)